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toy santos

Who is Santos dos Santos?

As President, dos Santos continued the task of economic and political reconstruction begun by his predecessor.

Who are Domingo dos Santoschildren?

Dos Santos and Kukanovas children include Isabel dos Santos, the richest woman in Africa. With Filomena Sousa, one of his children was José Filomeno dos Santos, who served as Chair of Fundo Soberano de Angola.

What did Santos do for Angola?

The same year, Dos Santos was appointed as Angolas first Minister of Foreign Affairs upon independence, and in this capacity he played a key role in obtaining diplomatic recognition for the MPLA government in 1975–76.

What happened to Jose Eduardo dos Santos?

José Eduardo dos Santos reportedly escaped an assassination attempt on 24 October 2010 when a vehicle tried to intercept his car as he was returning from the beach with his family. His escort opened fire killing two passengers in the vehicle, and weapons were found on board.

Who was Jose Eduardo dos Santos?

José Eduardo dos Santos, who has died aged 79, was president of Angola for almost four dramatic decades, commander in chief of the armed forces and party leader.

What is the legacy of Santos?

Dos Santos led a long and finally successful resistance, with Cuba, to repeated military offensives by apartheid South Africa. However his legacy is indelibly marked by his family’s extravagant level of corruption and by his oil-rich country’s failure to remedy extreme inequality.

Who was José Paulino dos Santos?

Born in the capital, Luanda, José was the son of Jacinta José Paulino and Avelino Eduardo dos Santos. While at school he joined the MPLA, which sent him to the Soviet Union to gain degrees in petroleum engineering and radar transmission in Azerbaijan.

What did President Santos do in Angola?

Dos Santos inherited a crippled country and an active war. Under President Ronald Reagan from 1981 the US openly aided Unita. Angola resisted numerous South African invasions and attacks with Cuban assistance. Massive destruction of the country’s infrastructure, and hundreds of thousands of destitute, wounded and displaced people was the reality.

What is dos Santos legacy in Angola?

But his legacy is soiled by high levels of corruption and human rights violations while he was in power. Having graduated in petroleum engineering in the Soviet Union in 1969, Dos Santos was only 37 years old when he became Angolas president a decade later, following the death of the first president, António Agostinho Neto.

Who is Angolas Jose Eduardo dos Santos?

Angolas former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos (C) waves as he leaves after a meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris, April 29, 2014. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

Why was Santos praised for his role in the war?

Dos Santos was praised for the major role he played in favour of the countrys independence and his commitment to the promotion of peace and democracy in the country, through negotiations with opposition movements designed to put a definite end to the civil war.

Who replaced Santos as president of Angola?

The MPLA was victorious in the August 23, 2017, general election, and Lourenço replaced dos Santos as president on September 26, 2017. Although dos Santos stepped down from the presidency, he retained power and influence by remaining head of the MPLA.

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