Rent a car açores

rent a car açores

How much does it cost to rent a car in Azores?

In the Azores, a vehicle rental cost varies based on several aspects as already pointed out. It is possible to find vehicles from 5€ per day, for instance. But as described before, the final cost will always depend on several aspects: vehicle, typology, fuel, mileage limit and insurance.

What to do in the Azores?

-The eastern islands with Sao Miguel ( Ponta Delgada) and Santa Maria -The central islands with Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge y Faial Dont just get in its the beaches, the vegetation in the Azores islands includes a huge variety of species, the majority of them endemic and protected in order to ensure its amazing biodiversity.

Where are the Azores located?

The archipelago of the Azores is located in the Atlantic ocean that belongs to the Portugal, around 1,400 km to the west of the Lisbon coast. -The eastern islands with Sao Miguel ( Ponta Delgada) and Santa Maria

Can I rent a car in the islands?

In most islands you can rent a car, Corvo being the exception. In addition, most islands have bus service which serves the main villages. In the smaller islands bus schedules may only have a couple of runs per day, generally one in the early morning and one in the late afternoon, and none at all in certain days such as Sundays and holidays.

Can I get a rental car in the Azores?

We wouldn’t recommend waiting until you’re there to get an Azores rental car. Not only are many vehicles already booked during the high season, which means you have fewer choices, or even that there are no cars left; it’s often also much easier to find a cheap car rental in the Azores in advance.

How hard is it to drive in the Azores?

Driving in the Azores is not particularly hard but it’s not super easy either – the roads in Ponta Delgada are quite narrow, making dinged mirrors a definite possibility, and the weather is extremely mercurial.

Where to stay in the Azores?

There is a large offer of accommodations on the Azores in all price ranges. From basic camping sites up to luxurious hotels on the larger islands. Try to spend the night in a so called quinta (usually the house of a rich gentleman farmer).

How to find a tourist information center in the Azores?

You can find tourist information centers at every airport and all the port buildings. Their office is usually located next to those of the rental car companies. They’re happy to tell you all about their island and, besides the map, can also offer you tips about local festivals and the many hikes in the Azores.

Where are the Azores Islands?

The autonomous region of the Azores is regarded as the westernmost point of Europe which can be seen on any Azores islands map as the islands are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. As well as being a major port of call for transatlantic vessels, the main industries on the Azores are tourism, fishing, cattle and dairy farming.

Where do I fly to in the Azores?

International flights arrive at the major settlement of Ponta Delgada on the Azores largest island, São Miguel or San Miguel. During the high season, Azores Airlines flies to the Azores from Boston, Oakland, Toronto, Montreal, Porto, Lisbon, Frankfurt and Las Palmas.

Where are the Portuguese islands located?

Some popular Portuguese islands are found in the Madeira and Azores Archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as off the coast of the Algarve. The Azores Archipelago is a group of nine islands in the North Atlantic region.

Are there any active volcanoes in the Azores?

Although Terceira Island is composed of old and extinct volcanoes, it is still one of the Azores’ active volcanic islands. São Jorge is the fourth-largest island, covering 246 km 2. It is separated from Faial and Pico Islands by the Pico-São Jorge Channel. The island is narrow, with a length of 53 km and a width of 8 km.

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