What is a Hublot?

First showcased in Switzerland at the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show in 1980, Hublot is a luxury watchmaker... Founded in 1980, Hublot has become globally renowned for revolutionising the watchmaking landscape with its innovative... Since its inception in 1980 as a Swiss luxury watchmaker, Hublot has earned a reputation for individuality.

Why is the Hublot watch so controversial?

It wasn’t the design of the watch’s case that would put the Hublot watch on the map. Although it has certainly caused its share of controversies over the years. Instead, it was the strap. Crocco was a keen sailor and wanted his new luxury watch brand to be built around water.

What is the relationship between Hublot and Ferrari?

Hublot and Ferrari announced during the 2011 Ferrari World Finals at Mugello a long-term strategic partnership which will officially start on 1 January 2012, making Hublot Ferraris Official Watch and Official Timekeeper. The partnership has so far been built on two watches: the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold and Big Bang Ferrari Titanium.

What does Hublot do for F1?

In January 2013, Scuderia Ferrari had Hublot as its official sponsor for 2013, 2014 and 2015 F1 Season. In November 2015, Hublot was the official timekeeper and a major sponsor of the inaugural WBSC Premier12 international baseball tournament held in Taiwan and Japan, promoting their partnership with the motto, Hublot Loves Baseball.

Who is behind Hublot?

A scion of the Italian Binda Group dynasty, best known for making Breil watches, Carlo Crocco left the company in 1976 to strike out on his own and create a new watch company. Moving to Switzerland he formed MDM Geneve and set about designing a watch that he named the Hublot after the French word for porthole.

Is Hublot a good brand?

As a young company, the Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot is focused on modern times. Their timepieces blend exceptional craftsmanship with extraordinary designs and, in some cases, never-before-seen materials.

What makes Hublot watches unique?

For example, Hublot is the only company producing Magic Gold, a yellow gold and ceramic alloy. Some watches also feature carbon, sapphire, titanium, textile, or even a type of concrete. However, its not just the materials that make Hublot watches unique, their designs are equally exceptional. The most notable example is the Big Bang.

What is the inside of a Hublot like?

The inside of a Hublot is nothing special, certainly not for the price you’re paying, and they’re a comparatively new brand without many (any?) impressive feats when it comes to innovation. You’d expect to find them on the wrist of some “rich kids of instagram” wannabe who poses with stacks of money or something.

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