Pepe le moko

pepe le moko

Who is Pépé le Moko?

It tells the story of a charismatic and glamorous master thief Pépé le Moko, played by Jean Gabin in one of his iconic roles, who has fled from his native Paris after a robbery and has been hiding out in the Casbah in French colonial Algiers. Pépé appears to live a charmed life inside the mysterious and exotic Casbah.

Who designed the sets in Pépé le Moko?

The sets were designed by the art director Jacques Krauss . Pépé le Moko is an example of the 1930s French movement known as poetic realism, which combines realism with occasional flashes of unusual cinematic tricks. It often is considered a predecessor of film noir .

What does Moko mean in French?

Moko is slang for a man from Toulon, derived from the Occitan amb aquò (with that), a term which punctuates sentences in Provence and which, in Toulon, is pronounced emoquò . The film is based on Henri La Barthes novel of the same name, and La Barthe contributed to the screenplay under the pseudonym Détective Ashelbé.

What happened to Pepe in the movie Algiers?

When Walter Wanger produced Algiers (1938), the American remake, he tried to have all copies of this movie destroyed. Fortunately, he was not able to do so. After Pierrots death, Pepe is getting progressively drunker, and his suit coat opens to reveal more of his shirt.

What is the movie Pépé le Moko about?

Pépé le Moko ( [ lə mo.ko]) is a 1937 French film directed by Julien Duvivier and starring Jean Gabin. The plot involves the trapping of a gangster on the run in Algiers, who believes he is safe from arrest in the Casbah. It was considered experimental for its day, and is credited with having inspired The Third Man .

Where does Pépé le Moko hide out in Algiers?

Pépé le Moko (Jean Gabin), one of Frances most wanted criminals, hides out in the Casbah section of Algiers. He knows police will be waiting for him if he tries to leave the city.

Who is the voice of Pépé le Moko?

Pepés voice, provided by Mel Blanc, was based on Charles Boyer s Pépé le Moko from Algiers (1938), a remake of the 1937 French film Pépé le Moko. Eddie Selzer, animation producer—and Jones bitterest foe—at Warners then once profanely commented that no one would laugh at those cartoons.

Why is Pépé le Moko considered a classic?

There are several obvious reasons why Pépé Le Moko has been elevated to the status of a cinema ‘classic’. In the first instance, it is a frequently cited example of poetic realism, a film movement that emerged in France around the mid-1930s.

What is a moko tattoo?

Tattooing, or moko , as the New Zealanders call it, is a mark of great distinction. He justly observes that moko is the counterpart of the armorial bearings of which many families in Europe are so vain. The complete Moko 112comprises the face, the hips, and the upper surface of the thigh as far as the knee.

What is the story of moko and the Sky Demon?

Moko is a ruler or king of the lizards, and he orders his lizard subjects to climb into the basket of the sky demon Amai-te-rangi to spy on him. When Amai-te-rangi pulls up his basket, he is disappointed to find it full of miserable little reptiles, which escape and overrun his home in the sky.

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