Temple bar

temple bar

Why choose the Temple Bar?

The Temple Bar was established in 1840. For almost 160 years patrons have flocked to the Temple Bar. A genuinely warm welcome backed up by first rate modern service and Traditional Irish Music, is the hallmark of this friendly spot in Dublin. The Temple Bar is located in the heart of Dublin and close to all the main attractions.

What is the history of the Temple Bar pub?

The pub building at 48 Temple Bar is listed by Dublin City Council on its Record of Protected Structures, and is recorded in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH) as being built c. 1840.

Where is the Temple Bar in Dublin Ireland?

/ 53.3454; -6.2641 The Temple Bar is a public house located at 46–48 Temple Bar in the Temple Bar area of Dublin, Ireland. Standing at the corner of Temple Lane South, the first pub on the site was reputedly licensed in the early 19th century.

What is the Temple Bar Trust?

In 1976 Hugh Wontner, Lord Mayor in 1974, established The Temple Bar Trust with the intention of returning the Bar to the City. The Trustees were drawn from members of the City of London together with others involved in the preservation of the nations architectural heritage, including several livery companies.

What is Temple Bar used for?

At Temple Bar, the Corporation of the City of London formerly erected a barrier to regulate trade into the City. The 19th century Royal Courts of Justice are located next to it on its north side, having been moved from Westminster Hall.

Why is Dublin’s Temple Bar so famous?

Dublin is famous for its pubs; easily the most famous pub is The Temple Bar attracting 3.5 million visitors annually. You’re probably wondering, why is the Temple Bar famous and what is the best day and time to go to the Temple Bar. You’ve probably heard of the bar or at least The Temple Bar Area.

What is the history of the Temple Bar in London?

A bar is first mentioned here in 1293, at which time it was probably no more than a chain (or bar) between wooden posts. Due to its vicinity to the Temple, an area where the guilds of lawyers organised into what would become the Inns of Court in an area that is now considered “Legal London”, it was commonly referred to as Temple Bar.

Is the Temple Bar in San Francisco safe?

The Temple Bar is formally known as “Temple Barr” In the 18 th Century this area was not safe to visit, but it was the place to go if you were looking for prostitution. As years passed, the area didn’t improve, which resulted in rent for homes, boutiques and bars to be sold at a discount.

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