Alameda shop e spot

alameda shop e spot

Whats new at Alameda shop&spot?

We are Alameda Shop & Spot since 2016. However Porto is our home since 2005. This is your Spot in the coolest city in Europe. This is the starting point for major changes! Your Spot will be better than ever. Want to take a peek? New food court. More lighting and visibility. Bests accesses to shopping and more confort. New stores and best design.

Why Fitness Hut Alameda?

To be fit is always important, that’s why Alameda introduces you Fitness Hut, a gym to provide you more pleasure when it comes to exercise that counts to 4.000 members.

Whats new in the spot?

The new food court, a panoramic gym, refurbished toilets, new leisure areas, spaces for families, among others. Now your SPOT will be more energy efficient and your spaces user-friendly: everything to contribute towards a better experience. New concepts and spaces for an unique experience.


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