Beso beach formentera

beso beach formentera

Why Beso Beach Formentera?

The essence of Beso lives in our clients. Friends of the house and of our friends, every visit to Beso nourishes you with unexpected reunions. We are a tribe that worships the sun and the sea every evening. Beso Beach Formentera is found at the natural park of Ses Salines, a declared biological reserve.

What to do in Beso Beach?

A lively departure thanks to the notes of orange and lavender, prompts barefoot walks in the cool sand under the deck of Beso Beach. A meeting of sun and notes gourmands (evokes edible smells) like the toasted sugar spread on the tables, the sandalwood floods the space and the music gives harmony in a moment that you do not want to end.

What does Formentera smell like?

Formentera, the aroma of the sea, the green of the Savina forests and the wild bushes. The blinding sun, reflecting on the water, the traces on the sand left as the water disappears and the heat of the sun on the skin.

What to do in Formentera?

Have a leisurely lunch with your feet on the sand or enjoy a cocktail while you watch the sunset at this beautiful corner of Formentera. Order the paella or fideua and enjoy.

What are the best beaches on Formentera?

On Formentera’s northern coast, the narrow stretch of sand that is Playa de Llevant is the most visited beach on the island’s Trucador peninsula. This is due in part to the easy access visitors have, as the beach is 4 km from the main port town of La Savina.

How to get to Beso Beach Club Formentera in Belize?

First and foremost, do not forget to make your reservation before arrival at the Beso Beach Club Formentera. Since it’s on an island, you must travel by ferry or boat.

Why choose Beso beach for your beach holiday?

The chefs at Beso Beach offer the best of Mediterranean and Basque cuisine that has guests licking their lips in delight, safe in the knowledge there are no additives or sweeteners; simply the best food and raw flavours on the island.

What is Playa de Llevant in Formentera like?

Its worth noting that Playa de Llevant is one of Formentera’s foremost nudist beaches – something to bear in mind for visitors who might not be used to this culture. In addition, the area is a key meet-up spot for the global gay community.

How many people live on Formentera?

Only around 12,000 people live permanently on Formentera; however, during the main season this increases to many more.

Where are the best places to stay in Formentera?

There are 4 torre (towers), but the most popular are Torre de Punta Prima and Torre de la Gavina near the northern coasts, both within a half-hour bike ride from the marina. After taking in the soothing Mediterranean vibes of its dreamy beaches, you should enjoy Formentera’s cultural hub.

How do I get from Ibiza to Formentera?

The regular ferry takes an hour from Ibiza Town to La Savina, whilst you also have the choice of the fast ferry which takes only 30 minutes, ideal for day trippers. Only around 12,000 people live permanently on Formentera; however, during the main season this increases to many more.

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