By the wine lisbon

by the wine lisbon

What is the Lisbon wine region?

Originally known as the Extremadura, the Lisbon wine region encompasses a number of subregions, each with its different characteristics.

What is Vinhos de Portugal?

Created in 2010, the Vinhos de Portugal (Wines of Portugal) brand incorporates the main values and differentiating characteristics of our wines, and is the result of a collective effort to see the unquestionable quality of Portuguese wines recognised internationally.

Where to buy Sogrape in Lisbon?

By the Wine, besides being a wine shop that offers the entire portfolio of Sogrape, also works as a Wine Bar where you can taste the whole range by the glass, as well as snacks and tapas. This is a relaxed space for wine and food lovers in the heart of Lisbon.

What is Portugal famous for wine?

Situated in the extreme south-west of Europe, with a surface area of just over 92,000 square kilometres. Portugal is one of the most traditional wine producing countries in the world. Sight, smell and taste: these are the senses that must be well refined when savouring a wine.

What is the region of Lisbon in Portugal?

Region in Portugal. Lisboa Region (Portuguese: Região de Lisboa, IPA: [ʁɨʒiˈɐ̃w dɨ liʒˈbo.ɐ]) is one of the seven NUTS II designated regions of Portugal, which includes two NUTS III subregions: Greater Lisbon and Peninsula of Setúbal.

Does Lisbon have its own wine region?

But yes, Lisbon indeed has its own wine region and it’s the 3 rd biggest wine region in size! Originally known as the Extremadura, the Lisbon wine region encompasses a number of subregions, each with its different characteristics.

What kind of wine is made in Portugal?

Complex, full-bodied wines made from a range of classic Portuguese grape varieties like Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz typify the Alenquer DOC, while Bucelas makes fresh, minerally white wines from the Arinto grape variety. Further inland again lies the more famous region of Tejo .

What is Portugals Alenquer wine region?

Despite being one of the countrys most productive winemaking areas, its name remains relatively obscure in wine terms, as its wines have traditionally been labeled with the names of the local sub-regions, which include Alenquer, Bucelas and Colares. The region is also home to Portugals capital, Lisbon.

Where does Sogrape come from?

Sogrape has gone from Portugal to the world. Today, it produces wine in the country’s main wine growing regions, and beyond its borders in Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Spain. A diverse range of origins, wines and brands lies within our roots.

Why choose Sogrape wines?

Offering high-quality wines and great brands is an age-old belief at Sogrape. It has always been this way. For us, each bottle symbolises a new story, a new way of expression, and an invitation to explore nature and its aromas.

Where to find the best wine bars in Lisbon?

This wine bar and shop is living proof that being the black sheep can sometimes make you really stand out. Black Sheep is, quite probably, the smallest wine bar in Lisbon. There’s only 12 seats in this establishment located in the picturesque Praça das Flores in Lisbon, but they have a catalogue of over 100 references.

Is it legal to smoke cannabis in Lisbon?

It is only when you decide to venture out with a considerable amount of cannabis on you that you might fall into trouble with the police. What you need to know about the cannabis laws in Lisbon is that you are entirely within your legal bounds to possess as well as use cannabis personally.

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