Monte palace madeira

monte palace madeira

What is the Monte Palace Madeira gardens?

The Monte Palace Madeira Gardens is located at the Quinta Monte Palace, a property which belongs to the José Berardo Foundation. This garden collection has been enriched with plants from all over the world; and about 100,000 plant species have been planted, including azaleas, heathers, different trees, and a wide variety of ferns.

How many floors are there in the palace of Madeira?

There are three floors, two of which are dedicated to sculptures and the third houses a unique mineral collection gathered from the four corners of the world. Monte Palace Madeira, also includes one of the most important tile collections in Portugal.

Is the Monte Palace tropical garden worth a visit?

The Monte Palace Tropical Garden is a multi-level garden with about 100,000 different plant species varied from exotic trees & flowers. But the reason why Monte Palace Garden is so unique and worth a visit is because it has way more to offer than only plants and trees! Within the garden is the Monte Palace Museum.

What are the Best Tropical Gardens on Madeira?

Monte Palace Tropical Garden in the Monte district of Funchal is another beautiful garden on Madeira. It is located a short distance north of the equally impressive Madeira Botanical Garden (Jardim Botânico da Madeira). This large garden is on several levels and includes ponds and cascades, exotic trees and plants as well as a mineral museum.

Whats inside the Monte Palace Madeira?

Open to the public since 1991, the Monte Palace Madeira occupies an area of 70.000 square meters and houses a huge exotic plants collection, coming from all over the world, together with swans,ducks and Koi fish. The Monte Palace Museum is an ideal exhibition space nestled within the beautiful surroundings of a tropical garden.

Where is the Monte tropical garden in Madeira?

Explore the Wonderful Monte Tropical Garden... Located in Monte, a suburb of Funchal, this scenic garden is home to a rich variety of exotic plants and trees. The Monte Tropical Garden is not the typical garden you would find in Madeira Island, yet, a visit to this garden is surely an unforgettable one.

Where is the Monte Palace tropical garden located?

The Monte Palace Tropical Garden is located in the village of Monte close to Funchal and sits at 1,025m above sea level. There are a few ways to get to the entrance of the gardens, see the options below.

What is the Monte palace gardens like?

The Monte Palace gardens are located right off the top of the cable car from Funchal. The gardens themselves were vast and seem to go for miles, we explored as much as we could as it was a very hot day, it is on a steep hill with lots of sets of stairs involved so bear that in mind!

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