Adr comunidade arrabida

adr comunidade arrabida

What is the Convento de Nossa Senhora da Arrabida?

The Convento de Nossa Senhora da Arrabida is a 16th century convent that is set amidst the steep hills of the Parque Natural da Arrabida. The complex was designed for complete seclusion from the outside world and today it is the only building within the deep greens Serra da Arrabida’s hills.

What is Arrábida famous for?

Arrábida is known for having one of the richest’s fauna and flora in Europe (a real sanctuary for resident or migration birds) that you can explore, either within the farm or within the natural park area. The mountain dives into the ocean, creating a coastline with stunning pristine water beaches.

Where is the Parque Natural da Arrábida?

Thickly green, hilly and edged by gleaming, clean, golden beaches and chiselled cliffs, the Parque Natural da Arrábida stretches along the southeastern coast of the Setúbal Peninsula from Setúbal to Sesimbra.

What is Quinta da Arrábida?

Quinta da Arrábida is an 11 hectares farm at the heart of the Arrábida Natural Park. Many pine and cork trees are surrounded by exuberant autochthonous vegetation, hundreds of madrone’s and many other fruit trees spread over the land (figs, quinces, pomegranates, plums, nuts and others).

What is the relative location of Arrábida Natural Park?

/  38.481472°N 8.989333°W  / 38.481472; -8.989333 Arrábida Natural Park ( Portuguese: Parque Natural da Arrábida) is a protected area in Portugal.

What to see in the Arrábida Natural Park in Portugal?

The main attraction of the Arrábida Natural Park is its vegetation. This park, which extends on an area of about 10.800 hectares, is a rare example of Mediterranean vegetation in Portugal, featuring olive trees, small bushes, lavender plans, thyme, and chamomile.

What is the Arrábida Cordillera?

The park is named for the principal geomorphological unit that covers the entire area, designated the Arrábida cordillera or massif, consisting of three subareas: an area of small elevations in the area around Sesimbra, associated with the Serra do Risco and Serra da Arrábida, consisting of hilltops between Outão and Setúbal;

What are the main features of the Serra da Arrábida?

One of the parks unique features is its mountain range, Serra da Arrábida (501 metres (1,644 ft)), chalky in constitution, which comes into contact with the ocean similarly to some locations in the Mediterranean, contrasting with the usual Portuguese coast (long sand beaches and cliffs)

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