America chavez

america chavez

Who is America Chavez?

America Chavez was born in the stars. When soaring through space, she doesn’t run from a fight because she’s a groundbreaking, interdimensional Super Hero. When on Earth, she punches and stomps star-shaped holes between planes of existence. When in her home country, she fights for what’s right from sea to shining sea. She is America.

Is America Chavez coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

America Chavez is about to break into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel’s number one lesbian superhero, America has long been a fan favorite in the comics, and it’s about time we get to know her on the big screen. Soon we’ll get that chance as she appears in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, coming out May 6.

Why is America Chavez called Miss America?

Notably, when she first appeared in Vengeance #1, the young America Chavez used the moniker Miss America. This played into the series themes of generational responsibility by being a name previously used by Madeline Joyce, a Golden Age heroine created by Otto Binder and Al Gabriele in 1943s Marvel Mystery Comics #49.

Is America Chavez made in the USA?

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Who is Miss America Chavez?

“Miss America” Chavez debuted in the underrated 2011 comic miniseries Vengeance. The enigmatic powerhouse made her first appearance alongside other young heroes like the Ultimate Nullifer as part of the Teen Brigade. It was 2013’s Young Avengers that made America Chavez a Marvel mainstay.

Who is Miss America in Marvel Comics?

Created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta, Chavez was the second Marvel character to use the moniker Miss America, after Madeline Joyce. Chavez first appeared in Vengeance #1 (Sept. 2011) before joining the Young Avengers and later starring in her own ongoing series, America, in March 2017 by writer Gabby Rivera.

What is America Chavezs backstory?

America Chavez is originally a princess from a dimension called the Utopian Parallel, which existed in the presence of the cosmic entity known as the Demiurge. It is assumed that America’s powers are the result of being around the Demiurge. The Utopian Parallel was essentially the perfect paradise until America was six years old.

Where is America Chavez from?

Formerly known as Miss America—a codename previously held by Madeline Joyce Frank—America Chavez is from the Utopian Parallel, a realm outside conventional time and space formed from the “unbinding of magic” by the multidimensional messiah Demiurge.

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