Ktm 890

ktm 890

What is the KTM 890 adventure?

The KTM 890 ADVENTURE takes the lightweight and sporty characteristics youd expect from a KTM ADVENTURE motorcycle to deliver a supremely capable adventure tourer - both on and off the tarmac.

What does slip control do on a KTM 890 adventure?

On the KTM 890 ADVENTURE instead, the slip control allows you to adjust how much spinning you want on the rear tire. Traction control does help, especially on soft or slippery terrains. It is counterproductive to have the rear wheel spinning out of control and just digging into the sand or dirt.

What kind of rubber does the KTM 890 Duke come with?

The KTM 890 DUKE is fitted with Continental ContiRoad rubber as standard. These feature ultra-fast warm-up technology, which boasts improved wet weather grip, increased durability, and stability, and offer natural, easy handling on all road surfaces.

What is the difference between the 890 adventure and 890 R?

The 890 Adventure (base model) gets the high-mounted, MX-style mudguard that was previously only seen on the 890 R. The addition of the 890 S allows the 890 Adventure to be more off-road in style with the 890 Adventure R will be the all-singing hardcore off-road model.

What makes the KTM 890 adventure The Ultimate Road and gravel traveller?

Now with more engine grunt, improved handling, added suspension adjustability and rider-focussed technology, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE is the ultimate road and gravel traveller. 01. Engine & Exhaust During extreme offroad exploration, its important the LC8c engine keeps its cool to ensure its advanced power and performance are maintained.

What is the 890 adventure with traction control?

KTM packs in its newest Traction Control system to match the equally-new ABS gen, all under the control of the Ride Modes feature that allows for quick personality changes that make this behave like several different bikes in one. The MY22 890 Adventure rolls for $13.4k. Its a KTM, so take a guess at the color choices.

Are 890 Adventure bikes good for off-road?

From the manufacturer that has ‘Ready to Race’ as a core value, mission statement, and strapline, the 890 Adventure has off-roading written throughout its DNA. This bike is sublimely effective and addictively enjoyable as an off-roader.

What is the engine size of the 890 adventure?

KTM boosted engine size up to 889 cc on the 890 Adventure with a concurrent boost in horsepower up to 103.2 ponies total, and it pulled this new mill straight out of the new Husky Norden 901. Fairly oversquare, the parallel-twin engine now runs a 90.7 mm bore with a 68.8 mm stroke.

However, KTM came up with a new mid-weight adventure bike – the 890 Adventure R, which features a bigger engine than the 790 Adventure, released just two years ago. But what’s the point having an 890 Adventure R when you already got the 790?

What are the new features on the KTM 1290 Super Adventure?

What are the specs of a KTM 890 Duke?

2021 KTM 890 Duke Specifications Engine Type Liquid-cooled, four-valve, DOHC Parallel ... Displacement 890 cc Bore x Stroke 90.7 mm / 68.8 mm Compression Ratio 13.5:1 Starter / Battery Electric starter / 12V, 10 Ah 27 more rows ...

What are the riding modes on the 890 Duke?

KTM hasn’t compromised on the electronic suite of the 890 Duke. It gets four riding modes: Rain, Road, Sport and Track -- all of which come with different traction control settings, wheelie control, cornering ABS, throttle response, and launch control.

Is the Yamaha 890 Duke R the best of both worlds?

The 890 Duke R comes close to being the best of both worlds dynamically: it’s light and agile, responsive to rider input but with added power and torque compared to the smaller capacity version of the same model. And those great brakes which deliver so much feel and great bite without being snatchy, are just the icing on the cake.

What is the difference between the KTM Duke and the 790?

Nonetheless, there’s no getting around the fact that the standout feature of the bigger Duke is its 890 engine. In non-R form, KTM says it’ll deliver 115 hp and 68 lb-ft (92 Nm) of torque – 10 horses more than the 790 and 3.6 lb-ft more torque.

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