Why choose CFAM technologies?

Our mission is to supply reliable extruders of highest quality to Africa and the world backed by an excellent team with values. CFAM Technologies (Pty) Ltd developed from a research project in 1998 to an established extrusion technology company that designs and manufactures world-class food and feed processing plants and equipment.

Why choose Sefam?

Les produits développés par SEFAM regroupent tout le savoir-faire français de haute précision de nos ingénieurs et de notre conseil scientifique afin de proposer des dispositifs médicaux pensés avec les médecins et les PSAD pour un meilleur soin des patients.

What is Sefam s box®?

The S. Box® concept offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to make patient treatment and follow-up more precise as part of an adapted care pathway. This concept of personalized medicine, at the core of the Sefam S.

Why choose CFAM for your twin-screw extrusion project?

The focus of CFAM is to do continuous research and development in twin-screw extrusion technology, high precision manufacturing, product development and localisation. The twin-screw extruders that are developed by CFAM are a good example of localisation through initial reverse engineering and further product development and optimisation.

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