What is Stussy?

In the 1980s, Stussy answers the call of consumers who want an alternative to the flair of the 70s. Today, all of the evidence shows that this need continues to exist, even in the youth market.

Who is Shawn Stussy?

Shawn Stussy starts his particular fashion story completely outside of the industry. He is, for any era, the epitome of California surf culture. In fact, the notion of actually designing and selling clothing is almost entirely accidental. It all starts with his love for surfing. Shawn comes up with the idea of crafting surfboards.

Is Stussy a good brand for surfboards?

Laguna Beach has been surf country for a long time, during which several brands establish themselves as surfboard providers. In actuality, establishing Stussy in the early surfboard niche was always going to be a massive uphill climb. This is part of what makes Stussy clothing such a happy accident.

Is Stussy still in the Black?

Frank Sinatra Jr., son of the original co-founder of Stussy, often notes that the company continues to be “in the black” through even their toughest years. As Stussy finds its way through these years of struggle, the company takes a new direction.

Is Stussy a clothing brand?

Stüssy (/ˈstuːsi/ STOO-see) is a clothing brand and private company started in the early 1980s by Shawn Stussy. The company is one of many that benefited from the surfwear trend originating in Orange County, California, but it has largely been adopted by the streetwear and hip-hop scenes.

Whats new at Stüssy?

Stüssy releases a capsule collection of custom varsity jackets for 40 new members of the Stüssy Tribe, including A$AP Rocky, Pigalle founder Stephane Ashpool, and artist Brent Rollins. Stüssy opens a new flagship in Toronto and released clothing collabs with Vans, Bedwin & the Heartbreakers, and Hypnotize Hearts.

What does Stussy look like in real life?

Stussy appears younger than her actual age, with short curly blonde hair, blue eyes, red lipstick, and red-painted fingernails. She wears a backfree salmon colored dress with a purple end, with pink diamond patterns on the bottom, a small white cape, a sunhat with a flower on it, and high heels shoes with ribbons on top.

What is Stussy’s power?

Stussy also possesses considerable willpower, as she was able to withstand a Haoshoku Haki blast from Big Mom. Being a member of CP0, the strongest of Cipher Pol, Stussy possesses superior superhuman strength.

Origins examines some of the most iconic figures, brands, stores and neighborhoods in the Highsnobiety universe, breaking down how they left an unforgettable mark on street culture. This installment looks at Stussy founder and streetwear OG, Shawn Stussy. How do you write an introduction for a man like Shawn Stussy?

What does Stussy stand for?

Is Stüssy a good brand?

Now one of the most famous streetwear brands of all time, Stüssy is a Californian skate/surf brand with an origin story in keeping with the brand’s laidback, free-spirited identity. Shawn Stüssy is born in Southern California.

What is the best surfboard to buy?

The best surfboard brands right now, for top-level surfers, are Pyzel, followed by Al Merrick, JS, Mayhem, DHD, Pukas and T. Patterson. Who makes the best fish surfboard? Thanks to Asher Paceys sublime antics on it, DHD is widely regarded as making the worlds best fish surfboard.

Who makes the best surf sticks in Europe?

Arguably Europes best board manufacturer and brand, Pukas Surf is a family-driven enterprise proudly based in the Basque Country. Pukas Surf has built a reputation for making high-quality high-performance sticks suitable for everything from Mundaka to Roca Puta to a gravelly beach break.

Who is Shawn Stüssy?

Shawn Stüssy is born in Southern California. Stüssy begins to shape his own surfboards at the age of 13. Two years later, he will get his first job shaping boards. Shawn starts his own surfboard business in Laguna Beach. To make the boards more distinguishable, he scrawls his surname signature on the boards.

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