Wordle geography

wordle geography

What is wordle geography games?

Wordle Geography Games: Tests your knowledge of world geography. There are awesome versions of the worlds favourite word game with a geography theme.

Whats worldle got to do with geography?

Youve seen Wordle taking the world by storm, but have you heard of Worldle? Somewhat a tribute to the word game but distinctly geographical, Worldle tests your knowledge of geography using the shape of a country which you must identify in six guesses. The game is pretty simple and borrow some of the same features as Wordle:

What is the abbreviation for geography?

elevation. equator. Europe. G. geographic coordinates. geography. global. globe. GPS.

What is worldle and how does it work?

Developed by a Wordle enthusiast who goes by the display name teuteuf, Worldle (it never stops being confusing by the way) is hosted on its own website where you can play for free. When you visit the site, you will be confronted with the outline of a country that has been cut out of a map.

What is wordle and how did it start?

Having kickstarted this guessing-game craze, Wordle was developed by a software engineer called Josh Wardle, as a way to pass the time during lockdown. He has since sold his creation to the New York Times Company for a seven-figure sum, which is now the home of the only official Wordle game.

Is worldle free to use?

Like Wordle, at least for the time being, WorLdle is an ad-free and free-to-use game. It too already has its own copycat, Earhtle, which is ad-supported and has a paid subscription version.

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