Best restaurants bairro alto

best restaurants bairro alto

Where to eat in Bairro Alto?

A fantastic representation of Italian cuisine in Lisbon, Casanostra has been operating in Bairro Alto for more than 30 years, serving a huge range of pasta and dishes such as gnocchi, osso buco alla milanese and other icons from the true cucina Italiana. Among the house specialties are rotolo with ricotta and spinach and tagliolini al mascarpone.

What is a Bairro Alto?

Bairro Alto combines the cosmopolitan luxury, the tourist mix on a plate, the portuguese tradition and the ultimate ‘trendy’ cuisine. And, somehow, it works.

Who is Bairro Alto chef Shay Ola?

After running restaurants in London, Paris and Berlin, chef Shay Ola opened this small venue (no more than 20 seats) in bustling Bairro Alto. He is devoted to, quite literally, cooking with fire – roasting crab legs in miso butter and goat (for delicious tacos) over hot coals. In English, the restaurant’s name means ‘burnt’.

What are the best Italian restaurants in Lisbon?

Said to have been the first truly Italian restaurant in Lisbon, Casanostra remains a popular restaurant today. It uses pale tones to cover the walls which surround a rather retro décor, and it has a relaxed ambience. The pasta dishes are the favorites, but there are also several meat and fish options (there’s no pizza).

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