Domus aurea

domus aurea

What is the meaning of Domus Aurea?

The Domus Aurea ( Latin, Golden House) was a vast landscaped complex built by the Emperor Nero largely on the Oppian Hill in the heart of ancient Rome after the great fire in 64 AD had destroyed a large part of the city. It replaced and extended his Domus Transitoria that he had built as his first palace complex on the site.

Is the Domus Aurea of Nero open to the public?

The Domus Aurea of Nero has finally been opened to the public after a long period of restoration and is accessible only with the guided tour. Did you know that the Domus Aurea had 300 rooms?

What are the hours of operation for Domus Aurea?

Info about Domus Aurea Hours Opening hours Days at 9:15 & 16:15 Saturday at 9:15 & 16:15 Sunday No tours Workdays

Why is the Domus called the Golden House?

The “ Domus”, or house, which according to the Emperor had to be “Aurea” (golden) because it had to reflect the light he emitted as the sun God, was built by Nero following the terrible fire that destroyed a large part of Rome in 64 A.D.

What does the Domus Aurea symbolize?

Lavish, original, gigantic: the Domus Aurea is the symbol of the ingeniousness of Emperor Nero, and that of the First Empire, which changed the face of Rome. Located opposite Rome’s Colosseum, Domus Aurea is perhaps the most important monument of Ancient Rome.

What happened to Nero’s Domus Aurea?

Nero died in 68 AD, at which point the construction of Nero’s Domus Aurea was nearly complete. Word has it that he took a detailed interest in what was going on in Nero’s house, paying attention to every detail. Severus and Celer were appointed as architects.

Where is Domus Aura in Rome?

The Domus Aura is in Rome city center and more precisely on the Oppian Hill, the southernmost part of the Esquiline Hill, in front of the Colosseum. You access the house from the Oppian Hill park. Domus Aura address: Via di Serapide (Colle Oppio) The closest metro station is ‘Colosseo’ and the nearest buses are Bus: n. 51, 85, 87, Tram: n..

What do I need to visit the Domus Aurea?

You don’t need special gear to visit the Domus Aurea however, you should make sure you carry with you: Comfortable walking shoes or sandals – you can find here >>> recommended shoes for Rome. A sweater / jumper even in summer: the Domus is significantly colder than outside and you will need an extra layer during the visit.

How to visit the Domus Aurea?

Useful Information. How to visit the Domus Aurea. It is possible to visit the Domus Aurea by booking a guided tour. Guided Tours are organized on Saturday and Sunday in Italian, English, Spanish and French. During the tour visitors will visit the worksite with virtual reality.

How far in advance should I book Domus Aurea tours?

We recommend booking Domus Aurea tours ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. See all 12 Domus Aurea tours on Tripadvisor

Who built the Domus Aurea in Rome?

( i.e. the domus Aurea extended no further over the Caelian than the site of the temple of Claudius (q.v.), which was begun by Agrippina, destroyed by Nero, and built anew by Vespasian).

What happened to the Domus Aurea after Neros death?

After Nero’s death in 68 AD, the emperors who succeeded him returned large parts of the Domus Aurea to the city.

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