Sao vicente caves

sao vicente caves

What to do in São Vicente?

At the North of the Island, across the central ridge, lies São Vicente. This town has spectacular volcanic caves, where you can explore otherworldly geological wonders, including lava tubes.

Where are the São Vicente Caves?

The São Vicente Caves (Grutas de São Vicente in Portuguese) are caves located in the parish and county of São Vicente, Madeira. Entrance is charged at €8 for adults.

What are the ‘volcanic tunnels’ in Portugal?

Of volcanic origin, these are among the first caves of this type to open to the public in Portugal, and are composed of a series of lava tubes, result of an eruption that happened 890 thousand years ago. This complex of ‘volcanic tunnels’ represents a development of over 1000 metres length, and so far it is the biggest known on Madeira Island.

What is Sao Vicente famous for?

Sao Vicente is a small municipality on the northern coast of Madeira and it sits in between Santana (known for the thatched houses) and Porto Moniz. It is known for its volcanic caves as well as the church that sits prominently atop a basalt rock at the mouth of the small river that runs through the town.

Where to stay in Sao Vicente?

Sao Vicente has a variety of accommodation, ranging from budget options to middle/upper range. There is nothing overly luxurious in the area, but you can find some of the all-inclusive Madeira resorts or some of the best Madeira resorts in other communities on the North Coast of Madeira.

How to get from Funchal to Sao Vicente?

The other public bus option you have to get to Sao Vicente is to take Bus 39 Funchal / Porto Moniz. This bus works daily and departs at 0900 every day. You’ll arrive in Sao Vicente at around 1130 and it is the second to last stop. Getting back to Funchal from Sao Vicente is just as difficult as getting there.

What is the longest tunnel in Portugal?

Rossio Tunnel, seen from Rossio Railway Station, Lisbon. Longest road tunnel in Portugal and third longest in the Iberian Peninsula . Longest road tunnel in Madeira. Longest railway tunnel in Portugal . Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tunnel.

How long does it take to see Madeira’s ‘Volcano tunnels’?

This complex of ‘volcanic tunnels’ represents a development of over 1000 metres length, and so far it is the biggest known on Madeira Island. The pedestrian course has a length of 700 meters that takes around 30 minutes to view, with the help of a specialised guide and a maximum slope of about 19 metres.

How many tunnels are there on Madeira Island?

road tunnels constructed at Madeira Island. extension of about 3.9 km. Of these an extension of 2.44 km (63% of the total) consisted of four tunnels. 0 + 725) for heavy traffic (Menezes et al., 2007). Figure 3. One traffic directional tunnel with two lanes.

How many volcanoes have there been in Portugal?

At 4 volcanos in Portugal there have been a total of 5 siginificant eruptions over the past 500 years. Over 200 people were killed. The worst volcanic eruption in terms of deaths, destroyed houses and financial damages happened on 09/03/1630 at the volcano Furnas. Only here 200 people died.

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