Peugeot 2008 2021

peugeot 2008 2021

Whats new in new Peugeot 2008 2021?

Now looking like an SUV, the new Peugeot 2008 2021 is more adventurous and sporty. With a lot of technology and interesting news, the Peugeot 2008 2021 has made a good impression on brand enthusiasts. Check out all the news and changes that were made in New Peugeot 2008 2021 through the following article.

What kind of car is a Peugeot 2008?

The Peugeot 2008 is a small SUV with a bold look, comprising strong colour schemes and a variety of slashes and creases that make rivals such as the Volkswagen T-Cross look more than a little tedious. If small SUVs are more rugged versions of small cars, then the Peugeot 2008 is a 208 that’s kitted out for a paintballing trip.

When did the Peugeot 207 SW replace the 208?

The 2008 replaced the Peugeot 207 SW, as Peugeot did not plan to release an SW version of its 208. Related Groupe PSA models include the Peugeot 208, DS 3 Crossback, Opel Corsa and the Opel Mokka .

Is the Peugeot 2008 Allure worth the price?

The Peugeot 2008 is one of the most expensive small SUVs in the mainstream part of the market, and it comes across quite overpriced at a quick glance at the price list. The entry-level Allure model is a $34,990 proposition - that’s the MSRP/RRP, before on-road costs.

Whats new in the new Peugeot 2008?

The new Peugeot 2008 comes with panoramic roof, which gives the model a unique internal environment. Now the release handbrake is more stylish! With a built-in aviation footprint on the center console that ensures greater driver space and ride comfort. Check out the key series items from this New Peugeot release :

What are the features of the 2021 Peugeot 2008?

Form the visual perspective, the 2021 Peugeot 2008 borrows heavily from the 3008 and 5008. The model has a jewel-like grille upfront joint with the modern headlights with a three-stripe LED signature and one extending to the bumper area. The smallest Peugeot SUV has also sport-style front bumper and creased hood.

When will the Peugeot 508 SUV be released?

It followed up with the striking 508 sedan and wagon in 2019, while facelifted versions of the 3008 and 5008 will arrive in 2021. This latest and second-generation 2008 fills out Peugeot’s SUV line-up.

When does the Peugeot allure 2021 come out?

Available to buy now with deliveries expected in December, only the Allure and GT Sport is initially available, the GT arriving in 2021. The new model sits on Peugeot’s latest Common Modular Platform (CMP) architecture which is larger in every direction than before and has proven its performance in vehicles such as the Citroen C3.

What happened to the Peugeot 207 SW?

The 207 SW was deleted in 2012 to make way for the much-improved 208 supermini and its 2008 Crossover spin-off.. The 207 SW is based on the standard 207 five-door hatchback but its 119mm longer and 38mm taller.

What kind of car is Peugeot 208?

The Peugeot 208 is a supermini car ( B-segment in Europe) produced by the PSA Group, later Stellantis. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012.

What is the boot space of a Peugeot 207?

Practical estate. In turning the 207 into the SW, Peugeot has expanded the standard hatch’s boot from 270-litres to 325-litres in the estate. This in itself helps make the 207 SW a very practical supermini wagon, with nearly as much boot capacity as a larger Volkswagen Golf hatch.

Is the 207 a better car than the 206?

Models covered: five-door supermini estate (1.4, 1.6 petrol, 1.4, 1.6 HDi diesel [S, Sport, Active, Allure, Outdoor, Millesim]) That the 207 was a better car than the 206 before it brooks no argument.

Prices for the new Peugeot 2008 will be announced ahead of it going on sale early in 2020. Expect a small increase over the current £18,055 start price, making it one of the priciest small crossovers on the market. Looking for a second opinon? Why not read heycars Peugeot 2008 review What do owners think of the Peugeot 2008?

Is Peugeot Allure a premium car?

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