Anne frank house

anne frank house

What House did Anne Frank hide?

The group hid in Prinsengracht 263, which was a main house and annex, which was a hiding place for Anne and the others. The main house was occupied by Otto Frank’s company. Otto’s employees (the helpers) kept the company running here. Two years had passed since the annex was discovered, and the people in hiding had lived there.

Where did Anne Frank live before hiding?

Where did Anne Frank live before she went into hiding? Amsterdam From 1933 to 1942, before Anne Frank and her family had to go into hiding, she lived with her parents and sister at Merwedeplein square in Amsterdam. They lived a happy life, until the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany.

Is Anne Frank House far from Dam Square?

Anne Frank House 0.1 miles. Dam Square 0.2 miles. Jordaan 0.3 miles. The Nine Streets 0 miles. Flower Market 0.5 miles. Royal Palace 0.2 miles. Red Light District 0.6 miles. Stedelijk Museum 1.3 miles. Oude Kerk 0.6 miles. Rijksmuseum 0.9 miles.

What happened to the Anne Frank House?

The opening of the Anne Frank House. The hiding place at Prinsengracht 263 was restored and it opened to the public on 3 May 1960. The Secret Annex was left empty at the request of Otto Frank.

What happened to the Frank family in the hiding place?

The hiding place of the Frank family and the others was kept secret until 4 August 1944, the day they were all arrested. ‘Our hiding place has now become a true hiding place.’ Otto Frank was the only one of the people in hiding to survive the war.

Where did Anne Frank go when she moved to Amsterdam?

Anne had been told that there was a hiding place but not its location until the day of the actual move. The Frank family arrived safely at the Secret Annex, located in Otto Franks business at 263 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. Seven days later (July 13, 1942), the van Pels family (the van Daans in the published diary) arrived at the Secret Annex.

What is the Anne Frank House?

The Anne Frank House (Dutch: Anne Frank Huis) is a writers house and biographical museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank. The building is located on a canal called the Prinsengracht, close to the Westerkerk, in central Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

What happened to Anne Frank in Amsterdam?

Book a Tour. Anne Frank was a German-born Jew persecuted during the Second World War who moved to Amsterdam when the Nazi regime in Germany rose to power. When the Germans invaded the capital of Holland, she and her family hid at the back of this centrally located house for two years, from 1942 until 1944, with four other Jews.

Where did Anne Frank hide in the Secret Annex?

The building is located on a canal called the Prinsengracht, close to the Westerkerk, in central Amsterdam in the Netherlands. During World War II, Anne Frank hid from Nazi persecution with her family and four other people in hidden rooms, in the rear building, of the 17th-century canal house, later known as the Secret Annex ( Dutch: Achterhuis ).

What happened to the Anne Frank House in ymere?

In 2004, housing cooperation Ymere, in collaboration with the Anne Frank House, restored the house to its original 1930s style. After careful research, furniture was selected that could have been used by the Frank family.

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