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What is the abbreviation for Transnistria?

UTC+2. Transnistria (locally called by its Russian name: Pridnestrovie; and occasionally, in English: Trans-Dniester) is a de facto state in Eastern Europe that has declared independence from Moldova, although it is only recognized by other breakaway states such as Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

What is the history of Transnistria?

The area of Transnistria was under the rule of the Goths, who, in the 4th century, were divided into the Tervingi and Greuthungi tribes, (traditionally identified with the Visigoths and Ostrogoths ), the border between them being on the Dniester river.

Is Transdniestria part of Moldova?

Transnistria or Transdniestria, officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic ( PMR; Russian: Приднестровская Молдавская Республика ), is a breakaway state in the narrow strip of land between the river Dniester and the Ukrainian border that is internationally recognized as part of Moldova. Its capital is Tiraspol.

What is the capital of Transnistria?

Its capital and largest city is Tiraspol. Transnistria has been recognised by only three other unrecognised or partially recognised breakaway states: Abkhazia, Artsakh, and South Ossetia.

What does Transnistria-Pridnestrovie mean?

The official name of Transnistria - Pridnestrovie is the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The official abbreviation in English is PMR. In Russian: Приднестровская Молдавская Республика, Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublika.

What does the coat of arms of Transnistria mean?

The coat of arms of Pridnestrovie (Transnistria) is a remodeled version of the former Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic emblem (MSSR). The only major pictorial change made in the Pridnestrovian (Transnistrian) version is the addition of waves, representing the River Dniester.

What is the currency of Transnistria?

The ruble is the currency of Transnistria and is divided into 100 kopecks. Since Transnistria is a state with limited international recognition and considered as part of Moldova, its currency has no ISO 4217 code.

What are the notes issued in Transnistrian Republic?

Notes are issued by the Transnistrian Republican Bank (Приднестровский Республиканский Банк) in 2000 as part of a currency reform, with 1 ruble equal to 1 million (1,000,000) of the old rubles. The notes come in denominations of 1-, 5-, 10-, 25-, 50-, 100-, 200 and 500 rubles.

What is the relationship between Moldova and Transnistria?

Moldova–Transnistria relations are the political and economic relations between the Republic of Moldova and Transnistria (officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic), an unrecognized state between the Dniester River and Ukraine.

Where is Transdniestria located?

Transnistria, or Transdniestria, officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, (PMR; Russian: Приднестровская Молдавская Республика), is a breakaway state in the narrow strip of land between the river Dniester and the territory of Ukraine that is internationally recognized as part of Moldova.

What is unique about Transnistria?

Transnistria is unique for being a landlocked self-proclaimed state, although the region is considered to be part of Moldova by the United Nations. Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria.

Where is Moldova in the world?

Where is Moldova? Moldova is located in Eastern Europe and is a former Soviet republic state. Moldova is bordered on the west and southwest by Romania and on the north, south, and east by Ukraine. A part of the former USSR, Transnistria, is a pro-Russia breakaway region of Moldova, which borders Ukraine to the southwest. Is Moldova in the EU?

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