Harry styles marvel

harry styles marvel

Is Harry Styles joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Harry Styles has reportedly been inducted into the Marvel Comics Universe’s big tent of acting talent, according to a major casting bombshell cropped on a hot red carpet Monday night. “Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere — Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos,” tweeted Variety’s Matt Donnelly on Tuesday morning.

Who is Harry Styles’ brother Thanos?

Harry Styles has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Eros, the brother of villain Thanos. The Recording Academy/AFP via Ge Superhero movies just got a little more super.

Is Harry Styles in the Eternals?

“Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere — Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos,” tweeted Variety reporter Matt Donnelly tweeted at the time. Variety editor Marc Malkin also claimed that the “audience squealed” when Styles appeared on screen.

What is Harry Styles’ Starfox personality?

Since his debut, Starfox has been a member of the Avengers, as well as the Dark Guardians. As for his personality, Eros’ lifestyle is described as “responsibility-free” and “self-indulgent,” according to Inverse, which makes Styles a fitting actor to play him, according to Inverse.

Is Harry Styles a superhero in Eternals?

He’s a superhero! Harry Styles ‘ casting in Marvel Studio’s Eternals was spoiled weeks before the movie hit theaters on Friday, November 5, but director Chloé Zhao can finally talk about the casting decision. (Spoilers ahead!)

Who is Harry Styles in the MCU?

News leaked in September 2021, that Styles made his MCU debut in the post-credits scene of Eternals, which saw him as Eros, an Eternal and the brother of Thanos (the main villain from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame .)

Does Eros look like Harry Styles in Ragnarok?

We only see Eros in the mid-credits scene, where he is introduced by his companion Pip the troll (voiced by Patton Oswalt) as the prince of Titan and brother of Thanos. Eros emerges from the shadows, reveals that he looks like Harry Styles, and tells the Eternals that their friends are in danger but he knows how to find them.

What is the meaning of Eros in Harry Styles?

Eros, also known as Starfox, is an Eternal from the planet Titan. His special ability is being able to control other people’s emotions, including the ability to make anyone fall in love with him. (Fitting for Harry Styles, right?)

Musician and former One Direction member Harry Styles is a man of many skills, known for his fashion takes and musical talents. What personality type is this dynamo? Harry Styles has never publicly filled out a personality type test, so the true result is unknown. However, many fans have speculated about his magnetic personality.

Who is Harry Styles in the MCU?

As audiences saw during the first post-credits sequence for Eternals, Harry Styles is now a part of the MCU. But just who is he? Well, he’s precisely the person he claims to be: Starfox, also known as Eros––an Eternal who happens to be the brother of the same being who wiped out half of existence.

Who is Starfox onthe Big Bang theory?

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