What does Colibri stand for?

Colibri may refer to Colibri (bird), a genus of hummingbird Colibri Group, suppliers of cigarette lighters and other items Estadio Nido del Colibri, a multi-use stadium in Cuernavaca, Mexico COLIBRI, a Lisp machine co-processor Rey Mysterio (born 1974), wrestler, by ring name Colibri (film), a 1924 German silent film

What is the Colibri Molectric?

The Colibri Molectric is born: The world’s first non-battery electric lighter uses fine crystals to create a revolutionary molecular charge. James Bonds arch-enemy chooses Colibri to supply his legendary Golden Gun, constructed from a Molectric 88 lighter, cufflink, cigarette case and a gold Colibri pen.

How does Colibri work?

Colibri converts speech to text in real time and provides closed captions of the meeting as you speak, so you never miss a word. Easy to capture key points. Easy to review Highlight important information during the call with one click or by simply saying “Hey Colibri, take a note!” .

Who is behind Colibri coffee?

Colibri Coffee was created by husband and wife duo, Hugo and Jenny. Native to Cartago, Colombia, they have over 15 years experience of growing, sourcing, and roasting coffee.

What is Colibri and why should I use it?

Such is the case with Colibri. This new browser removes clutter, aims for simplicity, and shows us all that what we thought we needed, we really didnt need all that much. That is not to say Colibri will usurp your current browser without pause.

How is Colibri different from other browsers?

Colibri is a very different kind of browser. Not in the way it renders websites, as it does that as well as any browser. What it does different than most browsers on the market is with tabs and bookmarks. How it handles tabs is simple -- it doesnt. Colibri opts to go the one window at a time route.

How do I save a link in Colibri?

The Colibri window in action. To save a Link, just open Colibri, type the URL in the Search bar, and then (once the site is rendered) click the + button at the top of the window. The Link is saved and can be moved into a List. To move a Link to a List, hover over the Link until you see the icon at the right edge of the link.

How to fix a broken Colibri lighter?

Following a few simple steps can often resolve problems and restore operating efficiency. Hold the Colibri lighter and attempt ignition. Press the ignition button, slide the cover or otherwise release the butane gas and ignite the fuel based on the lighter design. Observe how or if the lighter ignites and the behavior of the flame if produced.

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