New world fans

new world fans

What is the New World wiki?

This wiki is a collaborative resource for the game and is maintained by the contributions of the fans. All editors are welcome. Be sure to visit the New World Wiki Discord too.

Should New World fans join factions to take over America?

The good thing is that the experience of taking over America doesnt have to be a grueling one. New World fans have the option of joining three factions, all of which are powerful organizations struggling for control of Aeternum.

How many factions are there in New World?

Amazons highly anticipated MMO New World offers the choice of joining one of three factions, all of which affect how players experience the game. Theres a lot to explore once players officially drop into Amazon Games upcoming MMO New World.

Is there a new world wiki discord?

Be sure to visit the New World Wiki Discord too. New World is a massively multiplayer game that allows players to carve their destiny within a living, hostile, cursed land. Venture alone or join other players to support a growing civilization.

What are the factions in New World?

In New World, there are three factions vying for control of Aeterneum. Gamers can choose between the zealous Covenant, the ambitious Mauraders, or the mysterious Syndicate. It helps to have a New World Faction guide when choosing your side.

Is it time to update your new world faction information?

Server populations and game ratings have fluctuated wildly, and New World has gone through a lot of changes since it was first released. That means its time to update some of the information in our guide regarding New World factions.

What are the benefits of dominating factions in New World?

Members of the dominating faction get a 5% bonus to their XP gain while leveling and a 20% to their Influence gain within that territory. This is similar to grinding reputation a common experience in other MMOs like World of Warcraft. In New World, players can also access special items, rewards, and other quests by making friends in high places.

Is the third faction worth it?

One faction might well dominate the server, or the two largest factions are in a constant state of war, battling for control of various territories. The third faction can often feel like a bit of a waste of time. If youre unsure which faction is best for you, go with whatever you like the look of.

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