Toxin marvel

toxin marvel

Who is toxin in Marvel Comics?

The Eddie Brock incarnation of Toxin appears in Marvel Heroes as an alternate costume for Eddie Brock / Venom. A variation of the Toxin symbiote dubbed Carnom appears as a playable character and boss in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.

What happened to the Toxin symbiote?

Eddie Brock gave the Toxin symbiote to Jubulile, which fused with Raze. The two, with Jubulile, were able to beat back Chthon. This seemed to be the end of Toxin, but the symbiote has actually popped up again since then in the Planet of the Symbiotes spin-off to Marvels big King in Black crossover.

What happened to toxin and Venom?

After this, Toxin agrees to leave Venom alone, and Brock as Toxin reclaims his title as the lethal protector. Brock and the Toxin symbiote appear once more in the All New, All Different Marvel miniseries Carnage, where Brock serves in a task force led by John Jameson, in hopes to entrap Carnage who was hidden in a mine-shaft.

Who is venoms grandson toxin?

The trailer hints at all sorts of Venom-affiliated characters. Among them is Venoms grandson, the ravenous Toxin. Toxin is another symbiote that rose to prominence in the Marvel Universe as something of an anti-hero, both fighting for and against the side of good.

Is toxin the strongest symbiote in Marvel Comics?

Fans of Marvel Comics have always held a special place for the Symbiote universe because unlike any other superheroes, these symbiotes have the ability to thrill and horrify fans at the same time. Venom and Carnage are two of the most known names and both of them thought that Toxin is actually the strongest ever in their species.

Who is toxin’s father in the comics?

Shortly after being born (Carnage is his father), Toxin developed a symbiotic relationship with police officer Pat Mulligan and together, they were able to do a lot of damage to their enemies. Here are some things about Toxin that you might not have known from the comics.

Is there a toxin Spider-Man figure?

ToyBiz released a figure of the Patrick Mulligan version of Toxin for the Spider-Man Classics line. Toxin was featured in the HeroClix figure game. Hasbro released a figure of the Eddie Brock version of Toxin for Marvel Legends, the sister line to Spider-Man Classics.

How did toxin get his name?

Venom fought Carnage, and named the new symbiote Toxin because to other symbiotes he smells like poison and has tendrils like carnage but has a body similar to venom.

What happens to toxin toxin in Venom?

Toxin comes from behind Megatak and kills him (hurting himself in the process), stating that Venom is his. Venom manages to remove the toxin symbiote Brock and throws a grenade into toxins mouth. Sadly for Eddie the Toxin symbiote drags into the fire from the explosion burning him.

What happened to Spider-Man at the end of Venom vs toxin?

Spider-Man stumbled into the final confrontation between the symbiote trio, and helped Toxin. After they fended off Venom and Carnage, Toxin had a conversation with Spider-Man, filling him in on what had happened to him.

How did carnage and Venom defeat toxin?

Venom and Carnage formed a temporary pact to destroy Toxin, as it was clear by now that he was easily as strong as either of his predecessors, and was still growing. Spider-Man stumbled into the final confrontation between the symbiote trio, and helped Toxin.

How did venom realize he had a symbiote?

After Carnage attacked Gina and Edward at his home, he realized the symbiote was a danger to both himself and his family. During a future confrontation between Venom, Carnage, and Toxin, Venom realized Patrick was dedicated to a life of virtue, or as close as he could come bearing the symbiote in him.

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