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Is everything in SCS represented in this game?

You have to remember that SCS is only mapping at 1:20 scale, not a 1:1 complete world. So not everything will get represented in either game.

Should SCS allow unlicensed branding mods?

There are also concerns that it could look unfavorable to potential work partners going forward if SCS allow mods that may potentially use unlicensed branding. Posting in the Mods forum (ATS and ETS2) is restricted to sharing free-to-the-public mods and providing support for mods.

Will SCS ever build a game like Unreal Engine?

SCS has their own engine, Prisma 3D wich got update in last year (if i remember correct) so they wont build engine like: Unreal Also they would have to pay the licence fees and once again build most of the game mechanics from scratch. Thats not gonna happen.

Is it possible to make a good game with Unreal Engine?

And all that is assuming you want to make a game that is actually playable. Don’t get me wrong, Unreal Engine does help Bucket loads, but it’s just a tool, and like any tool, it takes time to master, and the more people using the tool, the faster the job is done.

What is blueprint scripting in Unreal Engine?

In Unreal Engine 4, Epic games have introduced Blueprint Scripting with which you can create complete games without writing a single line of code . You can just drag some wires in your editor to make various gameplay features that could take hours if you do it using coding.

Do I need to learn C++ before Unreal Engine?

You will have a “hello world” project up and running in Unity, before you even manage to install Unreal. If you are a C++ expert, you will learn C# & Unity from scratch before you learn how to use Unreal. C# autocomplete and code suggestions (in visual studio) are ten times better then C++.

Can you use Quixel megascans in Unreal Engine?

Import Quixel Megascans via Bridge for use in Unreal Engine. Generate realistic looking lighting with lighting actors. Utilize Unreal Engine tools to compose realistic, organic scenes. Apply post-processing to a scene to make it feel more realistic.

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