Flystaff tap login

flystaff tap login

Can I submit stafftraveler questions to TAP Air Portugal?

Questions submitted through this form cannot be answered, as StaffTraveler is not associated with TAP Air Portugal. Please note that this form is not intended to submit staff travel related questions as these cannot be answered. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Can I customize TAPTAPs buttons?

Tap’s functional buttons are fully customisable according to your specific needs. Download CS Tap Now!

What can I do with my tap miles?

Use your miles, or accumulate even more balance, with our diverse network of partners. With TAP Miles&Go Club, your miles balance grows every month and your trips come with new benefits.

How do I delete a flight on tap miles&go?

Please contact us through the TAP Miles&Go Assistance Centre. First flightDelete flight They are only eligible for reservations made online with miles for flights operated by TAP and TAP Express. Please contact us through the TAP Miles&Go Assistance Centre.

Can I add TAP Air Portugal tips¬es to stafftraveler?

Only use this form to add TAP Air Portugal tips & notes to the StaffTraveler Airline Notes database. Questions submitted through this form cannot be answered, as StaffTraveler is not associated with TAP Air Portugal.

What is TAP Air Portugal’s fare reimbursement policy?

If TAP Air Portugal places you in a class lower than that for which your ticket was purchased, it will reimburse you within seven days (in cash, by bank transfer, bank cheque or, with your written consent, by travel vouchers and/or other services): (c) 75% of the fare for all flights not covered by points (a) or (b).

How long can a flight be delayed by TAP Air Portugal?

If TAP Air Portugal reasonably expects that a flight be delayed beyond its scheduled departure time: (iii) Four hours or more for any flights not covered by (i) or (ii). Note: Distances must be measured by the orthodromic method. (b) transport between the airport and your place of accommodation (hotel or other).

How do I Find my TAP flight number?

Already a TAP Client? Log in and make the process even easier. Alphanumeric code comprising the letters TP and up to four digits (enter the digits only in this box). You can find your flight number on the electronic ticket you received by email. This is an alphanumeric code with a maximum of six characters.

As long as there are drivers available, you can use taptap. No more worrying about getting home after a night out dancing to afrobeat. I lost something in the car, what do I do now?

How do I change or activate my tapmap?

What can you do with tap miles&go?

Earn even more miles every time you fly or whenever you take advantage of the offers from our land partners. Use the miles to purchase trips, discounts, upgrades and other TAP services. Discover the exclusive TAP Miles&Go advantages. Earn Status Miles and watch your status go up.

How do I get tap miles?

Travel with TAP or partner airlines. Join the TAP Miles&Go Club. Purchase of miles at the Miles Store. Upon receiving a Miles & Go Gift. Miles&Go Pets ticket booking. Products and services from our partners. MilesOnly and Miles&Cash ticket booking.

What are the benefits of being a tap MileagePlus member?

MileagePlus members can earn award miles and Premier qualifying credits on eligible TAP Air Portugal flights. To receive mileage credit, present your MileagePlus number when you make reservations and make sure that it appears on your boarding pass at check-in.

How long do tap miles last?

TAP allows its members to pay a fee to extend the expiration of expiring miles for an additional 3 years. When does Miles&Go status expire? The terms and conditions do not explicitly state the validity of TAP elite status.

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