What does Ukrinform mean?

Ukrinform. The National News Agency of Ukraine ( Ukrainian: Українське національне інформаційне агентство) or Ukrinform ( Ukrainian: Укрінформ) is a state information and news agency of Ukraine. It was founded in 1918 during the Ukrainian War of Independence as the Bureau of Ukrainian Press (BUP).

How many reports does Ukrinform issue?

Per day Ukrinform issues some 500 reports in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian and around 200 photos and audio digest. Ukrinform delivers information to the media, TV channels, radio stations, official establishments and local governments, foreign embassies and Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad and foreign media.

How can we counter disinformation in Ukraine?

The United States has imposed sanctions against Oleksandr Tupytskyi, former chairman of Ukraines Constitutional Court. Countering disinformation works best with clear functioning of strategic communications, based on a powerful network of tools applied by NATO Allies.

What are the effects of Russian disinformation in Ukraine?

The effects of Russian disinformation in Ukraine have threatened the unity of Ukrainian society, assisted with military invasion, destabilized the country, and eroded the trust of Ukrainian people in the Ukrainian state’s ability to protect them.

Will information warfare be a part of the war in Ukraine?

The war in Ukraine was fomented by disinformation and information warfare will be part of the battle. In the UK we have seen a little of this, for example after the Salisbury poisonings. In 2018 Russia put numerous narratives into play with the aim of causing confusion and indecision rather than convincing lots of people of one false narrative.

How can I help stop the spread of disinformation?

Now, our fact checkers are liaising with peers across the world to track and counter false claims. You can help people stop the spread of disinformation by sharing these tips on spotting false information. I am glad to report that at the time of writing our fellow fact checkers from Ukraine are safe, though many have left the country.

Is Russia’s disinformation campaign affecting the 2016 election?

While Russian-led hacking campaign during the U.S.’s 2016 election is being currently worked on by many cyber threat analysts and cybersecurity firms, such as FireEye, Crowd Strike, and others. [23] However, until recently Russia’s disinformation campaign was given less attention and resources for countermeasures.

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