Bbc news ukraine

bbc news ukraine

Whats happening in Ukraine?

After Ukraines air defences and other military infrastructure came under attack on Thursday, columns of tanks have moved rapidly into position, backed up by artillery and air power. Among the initial targets were Kyiv, Karkhiv, Odesa and Ivano-Frankivsk.

What is Ukraines drone campaign all about?

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraines minister of digital transformation, told the BBC via email that the first goal of the campaign was to purchase tactical drones which have a 100-mile range and are equipped with a sophisticated camera, GPS and mapping tools.

Will Ukraine survive Russias invasion?

This couple in Kyiv tells the BBC they are confident that Ukraine will survive Russias invasion. Meanwhile, the UN says more than 1.5m people have now fled Ukraine since Russia invaded on 24 February. Several US presidents have failed to get the measure of him but now Europe has joined the fray things may change.

What is the UK government doing to help Ukraine?

Using the world-class expertise of the British army we will help Ukraine to rebuild its forces and scale-up its resistance as they defend their countrys sovereignty and their right to choose their own future.

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