Lego titanic

lego titanic

How to make a Lego Titanic stop motion?

Titanic Unit Study: Stop Motion Movie. To make my stop motion movie I needed to gather a background, scenery and props. I used a large black card for the night sky; white card to cut and paint as sea waves; polystyrene block for the iceberg and a Lego model of the Titanic. Thomas very kindly made the Lego model with his sisters:

How big is the Lego Titanic?

The Titanic model now holds the record as the largest Lego set ever created, as it measures in at 54 inches long (just over 4.5 feet). As youd expect, you need many, many pieces in order to claim that kind of fame, so prepare to be building this for a while. How much is the 9000 piece Lego Titanic set? $629.99.

How long did it take to build this Lego Titanic model?

This scale model of the infamous Titanic is built with about 125,000 pieces of Lego and took me about 2,000 hours over 3 years. There are a few large Lego Titanics out there but to my knowledge at the time of uploading, this is the only one complete with all interior details.

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