Dan barden

dan barden

What happened to Dan Barden?

The Norwich goalkeeper Dan Barden has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. The 20-year-old is currently on loan at Scottish Premiership side Livingston but will be taking a break from football.

What did the judge say about Bardens upbringing?

The judge also outlined Bardens complex upbringing and misfortunes she endured in her early adult life-growing up in a strict and religious household, being homeschooled, and having very few friends as a result.

What happened to Marjorie Barden?

At 18, Barden was in a car accident so severe she had to relearn to walk and talk again, but which left her with chronic back problems.

Who is Joanna Barden?

Her lawyer Roisin Keating told the court Barden describes herself as a functioning alcoholic who was abusing pain medication and drinking two bottles of wine each night to deal with trauma associated with being in a violent relationship.


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