What is the main town of Puglia?

The main town of Puglia, or in Italian its “capoluogo”, is Bari. It is a historic port which has won the city the appellative of “gateway to the East”, due to its ancient trade with the Eastern Mediterranean. Bari is the second-largest city in southern Italy, after the metropolis of Naples.

What types of real estates are for sale in Puglia?

Our estate agency offers a wide range of real estates for sale in Puglia region of Southern Italy, including traditional properties, villas, country houses, trulli, masserias (farmhouses), properties with swimming pool and sea view, town houses and beach properties.

How to get to Puglia by air?

To get to Puglia by air you fly to Bari or Brindisi, which are also the main ports of the region. Within an hour or two from the airport are lovely Mediterranean fishing ports.

What does Apulia mean?

Apulia (numită în italiană Puglia) este o regiune din sudul Italiei, situată între Marea Adriatică și Marea Ionică, aproape de Albania, care cuprinde tocul și pintenul marii cizme a Peninsulei Apenine. La sud-vest, țărmurile sale sunt scăldate de apele Golfului Taranto (Marea Ionică), iar la nord, de valurile Adriaticii.

Where is Puglia in Italy?

The territory of Puglia (also called Apulia in English), is the easternmost region in Italy, a long, narrow peninsula, bordered by two seas, the Ionian and Adriatic, with the longest coastline in the Italian peninsula.

What is it like to live in Puglia?

Puglia, the region in the heel of Italy’s boot, is dotted with beautiful small towns in shades of white and gold, with unique architecture like the conical trulli of Alberobello and the extravagant baroque of Lecce.

Where to stay in Puglia?

The four main areas of interest to tourists are the Valle d’Itria, the coastline around Bari, the Salento in the far south, and the Gargano Peninsula in the north. A good strategy when deciding where to stay in Puglia is to choose a base for each of these areas and visit nearby towns on day trips.

Which airport is best for Puglia?

Bari & The Valle d’Itria. Bari is the main gateway to Puglia (the other airport is at Brindisi further south). The nearby Valle d’Itria, a rustic valley of olive trees, vineyards, and hill towns, is one of the most popular destinations in the region, known for its iconic trulli, circular stone huts found dotted around the countryside.

How to get to the Puglia region?

Puglia is one of the southernmost regions of Italy and is difficult to reach by land with traditional means. However it is well connected with the rest of Italy and with Europe thanks to the many flights to Bari Airport - Karol Wojtyła and Brindisi Airport (or Salento Airport- Papola Casale Airport).

What are the best airports to fly to Puglia?

If you are considering flying to Puglia there are three main airports in the region. Brindisi and Bari airports are the most efficient and run international flights regularly. Additional details are provided in this sections as well as information on the airports websites for more details on live flights.

What to do in Puglia with Ryanair?

Fly to Puglia with Ryanair – Europe’s favourite airline! Visit the Itria Valley (Valle d’Itria) and see its beautiful trulli houses. Shaped like little beehives, these stone dwellings and their thatched cone-shaped rooftops make for one of Puglia’s most iconic sights.

How far is Puglia from Rome?

The distance between Rome and Puglia is 185 km. The road distance is 221.1 km. How do I travel from Rome to Puglia without a car? The best way to get from Rome to Puglia without a car is to train which takes 3h 27m and costs €28 - €80. How long does it take to get from Rome to Puglia?

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