What is snorkeling?

A complete beginners guide What is snorkeling? Snorkeling is swimming along the surface of the water and enjoying the underwater world equipped with a mask (or googles), a snorkel (a shaped breathing tube), and usually swim fins (or flippers).

How dangerous is snorkelling?

We’ve put together a handy leaflet which tells you a little bit about each of the snorkel trail sites and some of the wildlife you might see. Snorkelling can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk.

Where can I buy snorkeling equipment?

At we’ve been using and selling snorkeling equipment for as long as we’ve been snorkeling, over 30 years. Our buying team made up of PADI Instructors and avid snorkellers carefully select snorkelling gear from a wide range of specialists, world leading diving and snorkelling brands such as Mares, Tusa, Cressi.

Where can I go snorkelling in the world?

These are the Fiji islands, some of the most popular places for snorkelling. The best time to dive in Fiji is between April and October, but you can also dive between June and August, the water is just a bit colder. Discover Fiji! Hawaii is a paradise for snorkelling. At Hanauma Bay, you can find over 450 species of tropical fish.

What is snorkeling and how does it work?

Snorkeling is swimming along the surface of the water and enjoying the underwater world equipped with a mask (or googles), a snorkel (a shaped breathing tube) and usually swim fins (or flippers).

What is the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving?

Snorkeling is one of those things that you either know a lot about it, or can’t tell the difference between snorkeling and scuba. To get you started, we’ve broken it down for you: Snorkeling meaning: Snorkeling is an underwater activity that involves a breathing tube. A mask is a common add-on so you can actually see underwater.

Is snorkeling a sport or a leisure activity?

However, the actual practice of snorkeling involves observing fish, wrecks, reefs and aquatic organisms underwater or taking a closer look at underwater rock formations. Snorkeling is largely considered a leisure activity due to its non-competitive nature. However, it also has many health benefits, such as:

How to pronounce snorkeling?

Snorkeling pronunciation . In British English, it pronounced as snaw·kuh·luhng. In American English, it pronounced as snor·kuh·luhng. Snorkeling in Spanish is called bucear. Snorkeling is a recreational activity, typically popular in tropical areas with reefs and coastlines. The equipment enables the diver to explore underwater treasures ...

Where can I buy the best quality snorkel gear?

Snorkel gear to buy from a great range of the best quality snorkel gear, best snorkel mask, best snorkel and lightweight snorkel fins in complete snorkelling sets and provide great savings on the individual items of snorkel kit. We also offer snorkel sets including mask and snorkel sets at great savings.

Should you buy or rent snorkeling accessories?

You can buy some of the snorkeling accessories and rent the others. For example, you can buy your own snorkeling mask and snorkel from the dive shop and rent snorkeling fins from the best rental company in your location. How does this work better? Buying your mask and snorkel assures you of the perfect fit, comfort, and sanitation.

Does Dicks sell snorkeling gear?

Shop snorkeling gear from DICKS Sporting Goods. Browse snorkeling fins, masks and snorkels for men, women and kids in a range of sizes or pick up a full snorkel set.

What is a snorkel used for underwater?

A snorkel is a curved plastic tube that helps you breathe while swimming along the surface or underwater. It is multi-purpose snorkeling equipment that you can use in all sorts of water or sports to help keep your airway clear. Snorkeling fins are diving fins that make you swim and dive deep easily.

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