Elden ring interactive map

elden ring interactive map

How do I contribute to the Elden Ring interactive map?

This Elden Ring Interactive Map is a work in progress: You can contribute to it by editing wiki pages such as Locations to add information, and adding comments to this page to give tips and advise. If you are on mobile, the map works best on Safari or Chrome.

How do beacons work in Elden rings?

Orientation is key when the game world is so open and vast, and Elden Rings offers Beacons to solve the mechanic of having to look at the map repeatedly. Using the Map, player will be able to place Beacons anywhere on the map, then the Beacons will appear on the world and they can be seen form very far having to check on the map.

Where are the steles in Elden rings?

Steles are marked on the unexplored map, and they are generally easy to reach, not very far from the main roads. You can add up to 100 personal markers on your map. Orientation is key when the game world is so open and vast, and Elden Rings offers Beacons to solve the mechanic of having to look at the map repeatedly.

How does the questing system work in Elden Ring?

The questing system in Elden Ring is typical for the Souls games in that you do not have a notepad or a journal. You can use markers to remind you of what you need to do and where. For example, place markers for a vendor you have just discovered or a new boss you need to return to defeat later because right now it one-shots you.

How do you get the leyndell map fragment?

To get the Leyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment, hop on Torrent and charge up the massive staircase in the southeastern part of the region, past all the enemies and the two Tree Sentinels guarding the door. The Guide Stele and Map Fragment, as well as a Site of Grace and two Golden Seeds, are located directly through the door.

How do I get the caelid map fragment?

The Caelid Map Fragment is one of the tougher ones to get, as its surrounded by massive crow-like enemies that have lots of health and dish out strong damage. We recommend using your mount, Torrent, to obtain this Map Fragment since you can use him to quickly run in and then run out.

Where are the stele fragments in Elden Ring?

These map fragments are located in large enemy camps near the region’s Legacy Dungeon route. Once you have collected the map, all you have to do is open your map, and you will be able to see the map clearly in Elden Ring. Below you will find the exact location of the stele fragments in Elden ring.

Is there a map in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has a massive map with a lot of detail, but the map is blurry because of the fog of war, But you can reveal the map if you know how to unlock or find the map location. Once you have started your adventure in Elden Ring, You can use your map to learn about the world. You can use your map anytime you want.

Where can I find the Siofra River in Elden Ring?

The Siofra River map fragment is located on a corpse sitting at the foot of the stairway. These are all of the map fragments we’ve found so far in Elden Ring. There still seem to be a few more to uncover, so please be patient. This world is huge, and it’s taking us a while to explore it all.

Where can I find map fragments at steles?

There are three different Map Fragments found at Steles across the Limgrave regions of West Limgrave, East Limgrave, and the Weeping Peninsula:

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