West side story 1961

west side story 1961

What is the setting of West Side Story?

West Side Story (1961 film) Summary The film is set in the rough neighborhood of Lincoln Square on the West Side of Manhattan during the summer of 1957. There is palpable tension in the air as two gangs vie for dominance of the area: the Jets, a white gang led by Riff, and the Sharks, a Puerto Rican gang led by Bernardo.

When did West Side Story come out?

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Is West Side Story based on Romeo and Juliet?

West Side Story is a 1961 American musical romantic drama film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. With a screenplay by Ernest Lehman, the film is an adaptation of the 1957 Broadway musical of the same title, which in turn was inspired by Shakespeare s play Romeo and Juliet.

How many Oscars did West Side Story win?

West Side Story won a total of 10 Oscars at the 34th Academy Awards in 1962, making it the musical film with the most Academy wins, including Best Picture. Jerome Robbins shared the Best Director Oscar with Robert Wise, becoming only the second director to win the Academy Award for Best Director for a film debut (after Delbert Mann for Marty).

How is West Side Story different from Romeo and Juliet?

Although West Side Story and Romeo and Julietboth share a direct rendition of Shakespeare’s original play, many of the themes and symbols in West Side Story are altered to fit the modern perspective. The characters have a direct correlation to each other, yet racial and current issues give them a new perspective.

Is West Side Story based on a true story?

No, West Side Story is not based on a true story, but the musicals setting and issues of race, social class, misogyny, and inequality are very much real. West Side Story was conceived by choreographer Jerome Robbins who wanted to adapt Romeo and Juliet into a musical.

Is West Side Story the best work of Shakespeare?

It is one of the best works of William Shakespeare. Although “West Side Story” is not as famous as “Romeo and Juliet”, it was a impressive work of it’s time, and it has left his mark on the times afterwards. It is also a love story which also ends with somebody’s death.

What is the setting of the play Romeo and Juliet?

It was inspired by William Shakespeare s play Romeo and Juliet . The story is set in the Upper West Side neighborhood in New York City in the mid 1950s, an ethnic, blue-collar neighborhood (in the early 1960s, much of the neighborhood was cleared in an urban renewal project for Lincoln Center, which changed...

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