Bárbara elias wikipedia

bárbara elias wikipedia

Who is Carmen Elías Boada?

Carmen Elías Boada (ur. 14 stycznia 1951 r. w Barcelonie) – hiszpańska aktorka. W 2009 roku otrzymała hiszpańską nagrodę filmową Goya za najlepszą kobiecą rolę w filmie Camino. Jest żoną reżysera i aktora Joana Potau .

Who is Avraam Elia?

Kazan states that A.E. was my uncle Avraam Elia, the one who left the Anatolian village with the donkey. At twenty-eight, somehow—this was the wonder—he made his way to New York. He sent home money and in time brought my father over. Father sent for my mother and my baby brother and me when I was four.

Who is Elia Kazan?

Elia Kazan was the first cousin of Elliot Kazan, who was known as the Father of the A10 Thunderbolt II, also known as, The Warthog, an American close air-support, anti-tank and anti-personnel aircraft, whose design was responsible for saving American lives on battlefields around the globe for over 45 years.

Why did Martin Scorsese direct a letter to Elia?

In 2010, Martin Scorsese co-directed the documentary film A Letter to Elia as a personal tribute to Kazan. Elia Kazan was born in the Fener district of Constantinople (now Istanbul), to Cappadocian Greek parents, originally from Kayseri in Anatolia.

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