Virgin media email

virgin media email

What is Virgin Media Mail and how do I use it?

Virgin Media Mail allows you to set up your other email accounts so that you can check all of your emails in one place. Each additional email account you set up will have its own folder. Any messages received will be located in the appropriate folder.

How do I access my Virgin Media Business account?

If youre looking to access your TV, broadband and phone account including your email, sign in here. Log in to your Virgin Media Business Mobile Account.

Why should I Choose Virgin Media?

Theres a bunch of reasons why you should choose Virgin Media. Take your pick from a huge range of broadband products including ultrafast fibre broadband, a whole host of broadband packages including broadband only, broadband and TV, broadband with phone and TV, plus other TV and landline deals.

What if I Dont Know my Virgin Media account number?

If you dont know your account number why not contact us on whatsapp 0896000016 Please enter surnameSurname When filling in the surname of the Virgin Media account holder, only use the last word in your surname.

What is a Virgin Media email address?

A Virgin Media email address comes with all My Virgin Media accounts, which means everyone who has a Virgin Media broadband or TV package will also have a Virgin Media email account. We tell you how to access your Virgin email address from any device and how to make the most of it.

How do I Send my Virgin Media mail using a different account?

Select one of your other email addresses in the ‘From:’ box to send your Virgin Media Mail using a different account. Press Send, when you’ve finished your email. Send a bulk email Email sending limits Send a copy of an email Add an email signature Emails not sending Add an attachment

What happens if I don’t sign in to my Virgin Media email?

If you don’t sign in to your Virgin Media email account at least once every 90 days your mailbox access will be suspended. Your email address won’t disappear completely though; you will have another 60 days to make a quick phone call to the Virgin Media team on 0800 519 6986 to reactivate your access.

How do I Register my Virgin Media account?

To complete the registration form you need the email address that you used when you signed up for Virgin Media. You also need to choose a password that is between six and ten characters long and contains a mixture of numbers and letters. Keep your Virgin Media email account active!

You would have needed, or been given your account and area number to enable you make the payment. When you signed up to Virgin did you provide them with an email address? If so you should have received emails from Virgin with your account details etc.

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