Honda ramen

honda ramen

Which is the best Ramen in Hokkaido?

Bookending the trilogy of Hokkaido’s finest ramens is Asahikawa’s shoyu (soy) ramen. With Sapporo’s miso ramen, Hakodate’s shio and now Asahikawa’s shoyu, a single trip to Hokkaido will guarantee the opportunity for you to try three of the most popular ramen flavours.

What makes Sapporo Ramen so special?

The hearty, rich flavours of the Sapporo ramen was no happy coincidence. It was specifically designed for the residents of Hokkaido who are annually subjected to the region’s harsh, snowy winters.

What is Onomichi Ramen?

A distinctive feature of the Onomichi ramen is its silky, flat homemade noodles. And when we say that it comes with a hot shoyu broth, we mean it.

What is a Tokyo ramen?

The Tokyo ramen was for a long time the country’s definition of a bowl of ramen. Its clean flavours of seafood and chicken gives us an indication of the Tokyo ramen’s humble beginnings, which is likely to be soba served in a simple dashi soup for labourers.

Where to eat Hokkaido miso ramen?

When you think of Hokkaido miso ramen, Sumire is sure to come to mind. Famous for its flavor, anyone who likes ramen is bound to have heard of Sumire. As you can imagine, it’s busy everyday, but if you have got the time, it’s one restaurant we really recommend you visit.

What is the local food of Hokkaido?

Its not an exageration to say that ramen is the local food of Hokkaido, and the region has developed a unique ramen culture, made with locally produced ingredients. Why not visit Hokkaido and enjoy the delicious ramen the region has to offer? 1. Daishin

What is the best Ramen in Sapporo?

Miso ramen is famous in Sapporo but our suggestion is soy source ramen. It looks greasy that they boiled the soup for 12 hours but if you drink it, it is not heavy and makes you want drink it all. They use flour that is left for a few days to make noodle.

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