Skoda enyaq iv

skoda enyaq iv

How is the interior of the Škoda enyaq IV?

The interior of the ENYAQ iV is relying on elegance and clean shapes. The spacious interior and perfect seats are a guarantee of comfort. The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV will also take great care of rear passengers. In the typical ŠKODA style, the ENYAQ iV’s boot offers many practical features.

What is Skoda’s first purpose-built electric vehicle?

Initially Skoda’s first purpose-built EV comes in two flavours. The Enyaq iV 60 has a 62kWh battery and the pricier Enyaq iV 80 has an 82kWh battery (both gross – 58 and 77kWh net respectively). Both have single rear-mounted electric motors for rear-wheel drive.

What makes the Škoda IV so special?

Black body applications, large alloy wheels and a lowered sports chassis provide the car with a self-assured appearance and emphasise its dynamic driving characteristics. HOW FAST AND WHERE CAN YOU CHARGE ŠKODA iV?

How much does the enyaq IV 80 cost?

The Enyaq iV 80 costs £39,365 for the ‘Loft’ trim and extends up to £40,935 for the ecoSuite variant, which we have on review. There’s also the iV 80 SportLine that comes in at £42,915 and the all-wheel-drive (AWD) iV 80x SportLine that starts from £46,610.

How do you choose a Skoda enyaq IV?

Skoda has ushered in a new method for choosing the Enyaq iV, because you first pick the battery size, followed by an interior theme: Loft, Lodge, Lounge, Suite, EcoSuite or SportLine. Thanks to its electric powertrain, the Enyaq iV is the quietest Skoda weve ever driven but it isnt the smoothest.

Is the Hyundai enyaq IV too basic?

No Enyaq iV is going to feel too basic, with even the entry-level version coming with 19-inch alloy wheels, the 13-inch display, sat nav (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ), dual-zone climate control, keyless entry, rear parking sensors and interior ambient lighting.

What are the features of the enyaq IV?

Regardless of which theme you go for, the Enyaq iV has a spacious interior, with plenty of high-quality materials on display. It also gets a widescreen infotainment display as standard, which takes care of almost every function, including the climate control.

How eco-friendly is the new Skoda lounge?

Lodge uses a variety of eco-friendly materials; Skoda says the seat covers are “40% natural wool” and “60% polyester from recycled bottles”. Lounge gets black leather and microfibre upholstery as well as “soft suede” and “mustard stitching”, plus fabric on the top of the dashboard designed to compliment the seats.

What is the Škoda Octavia IV?

The OCTAVIA iV, the second ŠKODA model to be available as a plug-in hybrid, combines the best of electric and conventional cars for an eco-friendly yet dynamic drive. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How many models of the Škoda enyaq IV are there?

At the moment there are two Enyaq iV models available: • Enyaq 60: 177bhp, 62kWh battery, 242-mile range • Enyaq 80: 201bhp, 82kWh battery, 333-mile range But ŠKODA plans to extend the range of Enyaq models quickly, including four-wheel-drive versions which will share the battery pack from the 80, but with an extra motor up front.

Would you buy a Skoda Superb iV Estate trim hybrid?

It’s hard to imagine one of these iV hybrids, in estate trim, wouldn’t improve the everyday motoring lives of almost anyone In the case of the Superb iV, approximately £10 million has been spent adapting Skoda’s Kvasiny factory in the Czech Republic, where the car will be built exclusively.

Which is the most powerful Skoda Model?

A more powerful all-wheel-drive model is also available that adds another motor at the front. This model adds a power boost of up to 262 horsepower. Should you desire more performance, Skoda has also introduced the first hot all-electric RS model. The Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS is the most powerful Skoda yet.

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