Travis scott concert

travis scott concert

What happened at Travis Scotts AstroWorld concert?

Travis Scotts concert, held at the Astroworld Music Festival on 5 November 2021, experienced a terrifying stampede in which at least eight people were killed and dozens were injured after a massive crowd began heading to the front of the stage by punishing each other while Travis Scott was performing.

Why did Travis Scott stop his Coney Island concert?

Travis Scott stopped his Coney Island concert on Monday to ensure fans’ safety after his deadly Astroworld show which was labeled a “ mass casualty event .” The 31-year-old “Sicko Mode” rapper was performing at the Coney Art Walls with Meek Mill when fans scaled a lighting truss for a better view of the show.

Was Travis Scott promoting Satanism at concert?

According to the conspiracy theory, Travis Scott is a satanist who was promoting satanic messages throughout the concert. Travis Scott Concert MAYHEM: Dozens CRUSHED To Death, Hundreds Injured (Video)

Is the Travis Scott concert the most successful live event ever?

The Travis Scott concert was probably in development back then, and can now go down as the most successful live event the game has ever staged.

How many people died at Travis Scott’s AstroWorld Festival?

Ten people were killed and hundreds injured at Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas, at NRG Park on Friday, November 5, after concertgoers surged toward the stage around 9:30 p.m. during the rapper’s headlining set. The dead ranged in age from 14 to 27. Twenty-five people were hospitalized.

What did Travis Scott do wrong at AstroWorld?

Slammed: Travis Scott has been criticised by the family of a victim who died at Astroworld after he stopped a concert due to a rowdy crowd - saying it shows he picks and chooses when to put fan safety first

What is the name of the festival Travis Scott runs?

Astroworld Festival is an annual music festival held on November 5 and 6 and run by American rapper Travis Scott. It takes place in Houston, Texas at NRG Park, on the former site of Six Flags Astroworld.

What happened at the AstroWorld concert?

The concert was a part of a two-day event, the Astroworld Music Festival, that began on 5 November 2021, on Friday. About 50,000 people gathered together for the show and many of them were seriously injured during the Astroworld concert. Take a look ahead to know what happened at the Astroworld festival. What happened at the Astroworld Concert?

Was Travis Scott promoting Satanism at AstroWorld concert?

Screenshot from YouTube video of the Astroworld show of Travis Scott performance. In alignment with the conspiracy theory about a Satanic worshiping Hollywood and entertainment industry, Travis Scott is alleged to be a Satanist who was promoting satanic messages throughout his concert.

Was Travis Scotts concert another ritual?

Though the cause behind the fatal accident at the concert is still not clear, a new conspiracy theory has emerged on social media suggesting that it was mass satanic ritual. So that travis scott concert was another ritual. He told the crowd to put a middle finger up to THE SKY. Pure blasphemy towards God.

Did Jelani Scott participate in a satanic ritual?

Over the weekend, a conspiracy theory began circulating on social media that the deaths were a result of Scott’s participation in a satanic ritual. The deaths and injuries occurred as the crowd surged toward the stage, resulting in many concertgoers being trampled.

Is Travis Scott’s ‘Travis Scott show’ demonic?

Lots of Travis Scott fans left the show traumatized and utterly convinced that they’ve witnessed something demonic. Here’s is an account from a fan who attended the show and witnessed several unconscious or dead people.

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