Rolex air king

rolex air king

What is a Rolex Air-King?

It bears the name Air-King in the same lettering that was designed specifically for the model in the 1950s. The Air-King epitomizes Rolex’s privileged ties with the world of aviation during its golden age in the 1930s.

Is the new Rolex Air-King the new Milgauss?

Despite its structural similarities to the Milgauss, the aesthetics of the new Air-King are all its own, with an unusual black dial that features striking green and yellow accents. In fact, the Air-King is now the only piece from the brand to have the crown logo and the ‘Rolex’ title set in two different colors.

What colors do Rolex Air-King dials come in?

Rolex Air-King dials Over the years, the Rolex Air-King has continuously been offered with more dial color options. The earliest examples were almost exclusively fitted with either black, silver, blue, or gray dials. When the ref. 14000 replaced the beloved ref. 5500 we got new colors like salmon and white alongside the classic blue and black.

Is the Rolex 14000m Air-King a good watch to collect?

When it comes to collecting this era, these watches represent a great opportunity. You will pay more for a ref. 14000 or ref. 14000M Air-King compared to the ref. 5500 due to the upgraded movement and sapphire crystal. With that in mind, you have far more options here in terms of aesthetics which make collecting fun.

Is the Rolex Air-King an aviator watch?

Most collectors are more familiar with the Rolex Air-King in its current form: a contemporary aviator’s tool watch outfitted with a 40mm case and a dial that closely resembles cockpit instruments.

How much does a Rolex Air King cost?

The price of a new Rolex Air King is $7,400 MSRP and it costs considerably more on the pre-owned market. The updated Air Kings arrived at authorized dealers in the spring of 2022 but are currently on a waitlist so availability is extremely limited. Since the Rolex Air King was recently updated, demand for this watch has dramatically increased.

Is the Rolex Air King 3230 a good watch?

The Air King is one of the last collection from Rolex to receive the newest generation of calibres. The in-house 3230 calibre is what now powers the 2022 Rolex Air King. The case slimmed up a bit and added a well deserved crown guard to give the Air King a much sportier look.

What is the Rolex Air-King 116900?

The Rolex Air-King is a meticulously curated timepiece crafted with high-quality workmanship and reinforces the aviation inspiration at its best. The Rolex Air-King 116900 comes with bolder and more exquisite details and elegance. Unlike its predecessors, it comes with a more modern appeal and provides extra comfort.

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