Best portuguese restaurants in lisbon

best portuguese restaurants in lisbon

Where to eat the best seafood in Lisbon?

Cervejari Ramiro is one of the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon. This is undoubtedly a high quality restaurant, which you would want to recommend to your friends. Opened in 1956 and to this day it preserves the traditions of Portuguese cuisine and an authentic atmosphere. Here you can try almost any Portuguese seafood.

What are the best restaurants in Portugal?

Belcanto in the Chiado area of Lisbon is one of the most highly regarded restaurants in Portugal. Run by Chef Jose Avillez, the restaurant is one of only three in the capital city to hold a coveted Michelin star.

Wheres the best burger in Lisbon?

Its unquestionably Lisbon’s best burger joint. Located next to the gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, it’s very popular at both lunch and dinner time, offering true American-style burgers accompanied by milkshakes or craft beers. The vegetarian option is one of the best in town. This restaurant takes you on a trip to Italy.

What is Lisbon most known for?

We can’t begin a list without the sharing what Lisbon is most known for – Portuguese tarts. There is a reason why Pastéis de Belém has claimed the top spot for Bakeries in Lisbon on TripAdvisor. They serve one of the best Portuguese tarts you can ever find, and where everyone from all corners of the world comes for.

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