Tiago bettencourt concertos 2022

tiago bettencourt concertos 2022

When is the Tiago Bettencourt concert in Lisbon?

The next Tiago Bettencourt concert in Lisbon will take place on Sat, May 21, 2022 at Teatro Capitólio. Buy tickets for Tiago Bettencourt in Lisbon at Teatro Capitólio on Sat, May 21, 2022. Currently, Tiago Bettencourt tickets start at 65 €. We analyze the majority of ticket sites and show you only the best deals.

Who is Tiago Bettencourt?

Tiago de Albergaria Pinheiro Goulart de Bettencourt (born 16 September 1979) is a Portuguese singer-songwriter. Tiago Bettencourt was born in Coimbra and later moved to Lisbon.

When did Tiago Na Toca and Os Poetas release their second album?

Their second album, Em Fuga, was released in 2010, and followed by Tiago Na Toca & Os Poetas in 2011 and Acústico in 2012. The latter album contained unplugged versions of earlier songs, performed together with guests including Concerto Moderno, Lura, and Jorge Palma .

When did Bettencourt leave Toranja?

However, the band announced an indefinite hiatus in 2006. After Toranja, Bettencourt left Portugal for Canada to record his first solo album in the Hotel2Tango studios in Montreal, the same studio that produced the successful album Funeral by Arcade Fire.

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