What is Playseat®?

Playseat® is the global leading gaming gear company for racing & flying simulation cockpits and game seats. All products are fully patented, designed with vision and state of the art development, combining all round versatility for everyday use with the highest level of quality.

How good is the Playseat for racing?

The racing experience got so much better with this Playseat. No more back- or legpain after multiple hours of racing. The seat barely moves while driving. Materials used are very decent and durable.

What is the Playseat® formula intelligence?

The Playseat® Formula Intelligence redefines simulation and offers the ultimate racing experience. The new and advanced chassis is flex-free and is engineered to be the most realistic and authentic single-seater racing seat yet. The seating position can be adjusted to resemble most single-seater racing cars.

How good is the stability of the Playseat?

The stability is very good, while you sitting on the seat. Thank you very much Playseat, for providing an alternative to larger more fixed racing simulator chairs. And thank you for the quick shipping.

A racing chair can also increase your level of comfort, particularly if youre used to a desk set up and monitor. Unfortunately, they can take up quite a bit of room, however, most racing seats are foldable these days, making them easier to store when theyre not in use. How much should you spend on a racing seat?

What features are commonly found in racing seats for gaming?

Some of the most trusted and prestigious manufacturers of racing seats around include Next Level, GiantEx, VEVOR, Auto Dynasty, and Conquer. What kind of features should I look for in a racing seat?

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