What does Oulu mean?

Oulu (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈowlu] ( listen); Swedish: Uleåborg [ʉːle.ɔˈbɔrj]) is a city and municipality of 202,753 inhabitants (31 August 2018) in the region of North Ostrobothnia, Finland. It is the most populous city in Northern Finland and the fifth most populous city in the country.

When was the city of Oulu founded?

Oulu was founded on 8 April 1605 by King Charles IX of Sweden, opposite the fort built on the island of Linnansaari. This took place after favourable peace settlements with Russia, which removed the threat of attack via the main east-west waterway, the river Oulu.

What to do in Oulu?

The Rapids Center, the area in the estuary of the Oulu river consisting of small islands connected with bridges and fountains in the middle of the river, and including a housing area of building blocks planned by Alvar Aalto The University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences have their main campuses located in Oulu.

What are the major airports in Oulu?

Oulu is served by Oulu Airport, the second largest airport in Finland by passenger volume. It is located 15 kilometres (9 mi) south-west of the city centre. The Port of Oulu is one of the busiest harbours on the Bothnian Bay. It includes four separate harbour areas: Vihreäsaari oil and bulk docks, Nuottasaari docks and Oritkari docks.

What does Oulu mean in Swedish?

Oulu (/ˈaʊluː/, also US: /ˈoʊluː/, Finnish: [ˈowlu] (listen); Swedish: Uleåborg [ˌʉːlɛɔˈbɔrj] (listen)) is a city and municipality of 203,750 inhabitants (31 January 2019) in the region of North Ostrobothnia, Finland. It is the most populous city in Northern Finland and the fifth most populous city in the country.

What is Oulu famous for?

Once known for wood tar and salmon, Oulu has evolved into a major high-tech centre, particularly in IT and wellness technology. Other prominent industries include wood refining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, and steel. Oulu is chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2026.

What is the population of Oulu in Finland?

In 2017, the population grew to over 200,000 inhabitants, making Oulu the fourth Finnish locality with at least 200,000 inhabitants after Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. Oulu was the site of the 2018 Oulu child sexual exploitation scandal.

What is the capital of Oulu?

Oulu is situated by the Gulf of Bothnia, at the mouth of river Oulujoki, which is an ancient trading site. Oulu was the capital of the Province of Oulu from 1776 to 2009. In 1822, a major fire destroyed much of the city.

What are the best places to visit in Oulu?

You can find ice cream shops near by beach in summer, pretty much happening place. 2. Ainolan Puisto The lush nature and flowing water make this park an idyllic place to spend time. 3. Toripolliisi 4. Tietomaa 5. Turkansaaren Ulkomuseo 6. Oulu Cathedral 7. Kauppahalli

Is Oulu worth a visit in winter?

If you visit in Winter, like we did, prepare for Arctic weather conditions, and perhaps use Oulu as a stopping off point for heading to somewhere like Iso-Syote, where you can experience the best of Arctic Finland.

How far is it from Oulu to the rapids?

Only 24km from Oulu, these rapids on the river Kiiminki are very pretty, and a great spot for fishing, hiking and canoeing. When we visited, admittedly, you’d need nerves of steel to tackle most of those activities, with temperatures well below freezing, but we certainly saw the potential!

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