What is ASM?

ASM is STRONGER TOGETHER. ASM is the only society that unites different market segments that cross the entire materials world and connects industry, academia and government to solve global materials challenges.

What is ASM One for Amiga?

ASM-One screenshot. ASM-One is an integrated macro assembler for the Amiga computer and Motorola 680x0 processor. ASM-One was developed by Rune Gram-Madsen (Also known as Promax from the Amiga demo group Kefrens) in 1990 and released through the German publisher DMV-Verlag in 1991.

What is ASM line solutions?

ASM Line Solutions is what we call our portfolio of smart, state-of-the-art software and system solutions. ASM offers software solutions for all central areas of electronics manufacturing. ASM SMT Solutions has won the 2018 Factory of the Year Award in the Outstanding Production Network category.

Why choose ASM as your electronics supplier?

As the worlds largest supplier of best-in-class equipment and technological process partner for the electronics industry with almost 15,000 employees, ASM today supports electronics manufacturers all over the world in setting up their Integrated Smart Factory.

What is ASM in Oracle?

ASM is based on the principle that the database should manage storage instead of requiring an administrator to do it. ASM eliminates the need for you to directly manage potentially thousands of Oracle database files.

What is ASM file system?

ASM aims to simplify the management of database datafiles, control files and log files. To do so, it provides tools to manage file systems and volumes directly inside the database, allowing database administrators (DBAs) to control volumes and disks with familiar SQL statements in standard Oracle environments.

What is ASMs technology?

ASMs products are used by semiconductor manufacturers in front-end wafer processing in their semiconductor fabrication plants. ASM’s technologies include atomic layer deposition, epitaxy, chemical vapor deposition and diffusion. The company was founded by Arthur del Prado (1931-2016) as ‘Advanced Semiconductor Materials’ in 1964.

What are the components of ASM?

The main components of ASM are disk groups, each of which comprise several physical disks controlled as a single unit. The physical disks are known as ASM disks, while the files that reside on the disks are known as ASM files. The locations and names for the files are controlled by ASM, but user-friendly aliases...

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