Alfredo da costa

alfredo da costa

Who is Alfredo Bruto da Costa?

Alfredo Bruto da Costa (5 August 1938 – 11 November 2016) was a Portuguese politician. He served as Minister for Health and Social Welfare in the Government of Prime Minister Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo 1979–80. From 2008, he served as president of the Portuguese Economic and Social Council.

What does Alto da Costa stand for?

Maternidade Alfredo da Costa ( Portuguese pronunciation: [mɐ.tɨɾ.ni.ˈða.ðɨ aɫ.fɾe.ðu dɐ ˈkɔʃ.tɐ], Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital ) is a public Central Hospital serving the Greater Lisbon area as part of the Central Lisbon University Hospital Centre (CHULC), a state-owned enterprise .

Who is Joe Nobre da Costa?

Alfredo Jorge Nobre da Costa, GCC, ComC, OMRI ( Lisbon, 10 September 1923 – Lisbon, 4 February 1996), commonly known as Nobre da Costa ( Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈnɔbɾ (ɨ) dɐ ˈkɔʃtɐ] ), was a Portuguese engineer and politician.

Why choose Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital?

Established in 1932 as a specialised maternity hospital, Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital was created to replace the old and increasingly inadequate Enfermaria de Santa Bárbara ( Saint Barbara Ward), in Saint Josephs Hospital, then the only maternity ward in the city.


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