Prancha sup mistral

prancha sup mistral

Why Mistral sup paddles?

Mistral SUP paddles, the most efficient and best performing SUP paddle you can buy. Are you looking for a SUP race paddle, SUP surf paddle or a SUP recreational paddle? Then Mistral has you covered!

Are Mistral Lidl SUP boards any good?

Also a steady board, the Mistral Lidl SUP Board offers quite a lot for the low price that this is available for. The package of this board is very complete, but it is still a budget version of all the accessories really.

What products does Mistral offer?

Mistral offers several products such as dry bags, SUP leashes, SUP paddle bags, SUP board bags, SUP sand anchors for SUP Yoga, WindSUP® rigs, SUP fins, clothing and footwear. If you travel often, the Mistral travel bags are the bag you are looking for!

What is the difference between Mistral bags and SUP bags?

The bag product range from Mistral differs from SUP bags for travel and SUP roller-bags till high volume SUP travel bag. Most bags are waterproof lined travel bags, but Mistral has different waterproof zippered backpacks as well. These backpacks can be used for hiking or trail bike riding.

Why choose Mistral paddle boards?

For SUP racing, SUP cruising, SUP Yoga, WindSUP®, SUP recreational, SUP surfing, Mistral has a SUP board design to enhance your enjoyment of the sport. The innovative designs from Mistral offer the best paddle boards on the market. Our boards are quality made and created for performance!

Why Mistral inflatable sup?

Mistral is the location to fulfil your needs. Mistral is a market leader in the industry and development of inflatable SUP boards. The Market for inflatable SUP boards has increased greatly during the last 10 years so as there are multiple suppliers in this field. Many fall below the high quality standards set by Mistral.

What height is the paddle on the Mistral Lidl SUP board?

The paddle that is supplied with the Mistral Lidl SUP Board is an aluminum height adjustable 2-in-1 SUP and kayak paddle. It is adjustable from 167 – 207 cm / 5’5″ – 6’8″.

Why buy a SUP paddle?

A SUP paddle is an investment in your fun and time on the water. Some paddles are easy to travel or speciality designed for kids. We have SUP paddles for kids and we have SUP paddles for travelling overseas that are easy to pack. Mistral paddles are designed to be hydro-dynamically efficient.

Why choose Mistral?

THE MISTRAL’S TOUCH. Premium quality, innovative designs and environmentally conscious – Mistral is the brand that delivers: Higher flexibility air-moving products with maximum airflow performance; Energy efficient green motors; Longer operating lifespan backed by warranty.

What are the advantages of Mistral DC motors?

Compared with conventional alternating current (AC) motors, DC motors operate at a lower voltage thus consuming less energy, which also means lower electricity consumption. Mistral offers longer operating life span that reduces wear and tear, and wastage. Parts are made to last longer.

What is the 50% off offer at Mistral?

Enjoy up to 50% off Womens Clothing when you activate this Mistral deal. Receive up to 50% off selected Accessories when you use this Mistral discount offer. Get Free Delivery on all orders over £50 when you redeem this offer at Mistral. Mistral? Now!

What is a Mistral air fryer?

The Mistral 3.5L Air Fryer lets you cook a variety of foods in a healthier way. With adjustable temperature control and a 30 minute timer, it’s a no-frills machine that those new to air frying will find easy to use and clean.

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