Galp stock

galp stock

What is the galP?

GALP : la pétrolière portugaise s’associe à Northvolt pour construire la plus grande usine.. Galp et Northvolt vont créer une usine de conversion du lithium au Portugal grâce à un ..

Whats new at Galp Energia?

Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A. commences an Equity Buyback Plan for 10% of its issued share c.. GALP ENERGIA SGPS S A : tops 1GW of solar power in production with four new photovoltaic p..

How can I explore the evolution of Galp’s share?

Explore the evolution of Galp’s share with the various tools available. The share price graph is an interactive tool that allows you to observe and analyse the performance of Galp’s share in relation to comparable indices and companies.

What are Galp’s main holding companies?

At the time of its incorporation, Galp grouped the direct state holdings in the companies Petrogal, the Portuguese state holding company for the oil business, and Gás de Portugal and Transgás, responsible for the natural gas business in Portugal. What are Galp’s main business segments?

What is galgalps strategy?

Galp’s strategy is based on a resilient E&P portfolio, embedded with an efficient and competitive downstream business, supported by innovative and differentiating solutions that promote the transition into a low carbon economy.

Why work with Galp?

Galp believes that ensuring the protection of people, the environment and assets, as well as the communities it operates in, and adopting an ethical conduct are crucial for its actions and strategic execution. Learn more about Galp’s strategy.

What is Galp’s share?

It is one of the most traded and heavier weighted security in PSI-20 - the main index in the Portuguese market. Share listing and key data Get to know data about Galp’s share and its main indicators as well as the indices in which it is a component.

What is the future of Galp’s production?

Galp’s production output will continue to increase with the start of Bacalhau project in 2024. Galp’s sustainable production is grounded on a strong oil and natural gas reserve and resource base, which are subject to an independent audit by DeGolyer and MacNaughton (DeMac).

What is the working interest production in GalP?

Working interest production has been increasing, reflecting the higher output in Brazil, where there are currently eleven units producing, of which seven in Tupi, two in Iracema, one in Berbigão/Sururu and one in Atapu area. Galp’s production output will continue to increase with the start of Bacalhau project in 2024.

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