What is eTwinning and how does it work?

On the European School Education Platform, the eTwinning area offers project kits, practice examples, testimonials, and an online environment where eTwinners can communicate, create projects, share, and learn together at their own pace in line with their interests.

What is an eTwinning national support organisation?

National Support Organisations are responsible for validating user registrations for becoming eTwinners, thus keeping the platform safe, providing support and guidance, and recognising teachers’ work with National and European Quality Labels. The annual eTwinning book features the most innovative projects.

What are the benefits of eTwinning for teachers?

By joining eTwinning, teachers and other school staff will become part of the ‘Community for schools in Europe’ and benefit from endless opportunities. In eTwinning, teachers organise and run on-site and online activities with their students along with colleagues from countries participating in the Erasmus+ programme.

When will the eTwinning platform be taken offline for maintenance?

Maintenance alert:The eTwinning Platform will be taken offline for scheduled maintenance at 23:00CET. The approximate downtime will be 30-60minutes. Please make sure you have saved your work before the platform shuts down!

eTwinning is funded by the European Union and administered in participating countries by a National Support Organisation (NSO). Léargas is the National Support Organisation for eTwinning in Ireland. How Will eTwinning Benefit Me?

What are the benefits of eTwinning in schools?

Recognition: There is recognition for your projects and school through eTwinning Awards including the National Quality Label, eTwinning Schools Label, European Quality Label, and Annual eTwinning Prize. I’m Interested! What Now?

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